T-Mobile's free 200MB monthly data offer is for all tablets, not just new iPads

John Legere
T-Mobile CEO John Legere likes to shake it up

No Shakira concert this time. T-Mobile hopped on Twitter to announce that not only is it giving new iPad buyers free data, the offer extends to all tablets on its network.

CEO John Legere and CMO Mike Sievert held a Twitter Q&A to talk up T-Mobile's plan to give 200MB of monthly data free for any tablet, for life. The plan was originally unearthed in relation to the iPad Air and iPad mini 2 with Retina display yesterday, but now the Un-Carrier is making the deal universal.

Starting November 1, customers will find 200MB free 4G LTE data sitting in their data banks. Customers who aren't currently with T-Mobile will also be able to start using their tablets with the free data right out of the box.

The amount isn't much, and slate users will probably burn through the megabytes faster than they can watch a YouTube video, but it is free.

If you need additional data, more will be available for as little as $10/month, Legere tweeted.

"Have you seen what those other guys charge?! It's bull****." He's keeping an eye on the swears today, it seems.

Any tablet, $0 down

In keeping with its Simple Choice plans and to get this new deal off the ground, T-Mobile is offering every tablet it sells for $0 down. That includes the iPad Air and iPad mini 2 with Retina display.

Customers will have to cough up 24 monthly payments for the device, which for the Air comes out to $26.25 for the 16GB variant. iPad mini 2 owners are on the hook for $22.08 a month for the 16GB model. A down payment is required for new iPads with larger storage options.

What's more, T-Mobile will start selling the new Nexus 7 on November 20 at $0 down and for equal monthly payments of $16.

Keep in mind the $0 down offers don't have the ring of permanence about them, and T-Mobile could increase the down payment price, just as it did with the iPhone 5 earlier this year.

There's also a tablet trade-in program to go along with all this free data and no down payments, so customers can bring in their old tablets and put the value towards purchasing a new one from the Un-carrier. The trade-in applies to the new iPad and new iPad mini as well as older, Wi-Fi only slates.

And anyone concerned the iPad Air isn't compatible with T-Mo's HSPA+ network can rest assured.

"The new ones support our frequencies," a tweet from Legere and Sievert read, adding, "These were built with @TMobile in mind."

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