T-Mobile offering iPad mini 2, iPad Air with 200MB free monthly data

iPad Air
The iPad Air is light and so is T-Mobile's free data plan

The iPad Air and iPad mini 2 with Retina display made their way from rumors to official products in the last few hours, and already one carrier is making a play to get you get the new slates on its network.

If you do opt to purchase the new iPad from T-Mobile, the Un-carrier is offering a 200MB free monthly data option. That's not free data on top of your monthly plan - it's standalone data goodness.

The same plan is available for the long-awaited iPad mini 2 and the older iPad mini.

T-Mobile is the only carrier offering the option, though it's not the only data option it's serving up. Customers can pick up 2.5GB for $30/month and 4.5GB for $40/month. While we're missing specifics from T-Mobile at the moment, chances are if you do go over that 200MB cap, you're going to be charged.

Stay tuned

While the gigs aren't a mind-blowing amount, the free offer continues T-Mobile's almost year-long push to shock and awe its way through the wireless business.

Earlier this month, T-Mobile introduced free, unlimited wireless data for customers traveling overseas to certain countries. This follows previous steps to eliminate monthly contracts and offer early upgrades through its Jump program.

The iPad data move doesn't have nearly the same earth-shaking quality as previous Un-carrier undertakings, but we could be in for more tomorrow as CEO John Legere tweeted he along with CMO Mike Sievert will answer questions on Twitter at 9 a.m. PT.

An announcement on Facebook and Instagram are also in store, where T-Mo will reveal what happens "if we Un-leashed your tablet?" Stay tuned.

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