Apple iPad Air 2 and iMac event: What was announced and what wasn't

New Apple TV a no-show

Another Apple event, another no-show from Apple TV. The company's box was last upgraded to 1080p in March 2012 and we seem far from an Apple iTV release date.

Apple TV with controller

Google Nexus Player and Amazon Fire TVs have dedicated controllers...

Google Nexus Player is launching alongside a dedicated controller - sold separately - to bring Android's mobile game library to the big screen. Amazon Fire TV this earlier in the year.

A new Apple TV could open up the set-top box, which is currently full of pre-install apps, to games and apps from outside developers in 2015.

No iPod Touch 6th generation

There was no fan-requested iPod Touch 6th generation at the Apple iPad Air 2 and iMac event either. The two-year old iPod Touch 5G may get another year older.

iPod Touch 5th generation

Small, yet resilient

What's been great about the iPod Touch line is that it has almost all of the same capabilities as an iPhone without a SIM card or monthly carrier fee.

It runs iOS 8, but Apple's colorful portable device really needs a specs bump from its dated 4-inch display, A5 processor and 5-megapixel camera configuration.

iPod Touch 5G currently occupies a place on official Apple website masthead, so why not?

12-inch MacBook tease

It was a longshot, but no, a new MacBook that's been rumored for several months didn't shows its, allegedly, 12-inch face. That makes sense.

13-inch MacBook Air

Lighter than this Air?

Apple only previews new consumer product categories: The iPhone and iPad were unveiled at MacWorld conferences before coming out months later. Apple Watch was the "One more thing" at the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus event and won't come out until early next year.

Announcing a newer, sleeker MacBook would only cannibalize its current MacBook Air sales right before Christmas. Apple quietly refreshed the MacBook Air in April, so maybe it'll show up with the Apple Watch.

Mac Pro price drop

The second-generation Mac Pro - the one that looks like a glossy, black trash bin - has been available for almost year and we were hoping for a price drop.

Mac Pro

Same price and specs so far

However, Apple's most powerful computer still costs the same. It's $2,999 (£2,499, AU$3,999) for the entry-level configuration.

It's meant for professional workstations, but if it was just a little cheaper, we could afford that and a new iPad Air 2. Here's to hoping it happens when Haswell processor launch.

New Apple Thunderbolt Display

Apple impressed us with the better-than-4K iMac with Retina 5K Display, but it's very much a powerful computer, not an external monitor.

The Current 27-inch Apple Thunderbolt Display made its debut in 2011 when 2K monitors were state-of-the-art.

Now the 2560 x 1440 resolution doesn't do justice to the Mac Pro that requires an external display. Apple's computer can support up to three 4K monitors, so why doesn't its monitor?

That's something we're hoping to see from the next Apple Thunderbolt Display, give or minus 1K. There's always next year.

Matt Swider