Amazon launches GameCircle platform for Kindle Fire tablet

Amazon launches GameCircle for Kindle Fire owners
GameCircle offers hints that more Kindle devices are on the way

Amazon has graced Kindle Fire owners with a new social gaming platform called GameCircle, which is similar to Apple's Game Center.

The service will allow users to compete with other gamers on global leaderboards, unlock achievements and collect badges, just like with Apple's offering for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Interestingly though, Kindle Fire owners can use the Sync feature to auto-save progress on the cloud, which can be picked up even after games have been deleted and reinstalled on the Kindle Fire.

The first supported title is the Indiana Jones-inspired Temple Run, which charges gamers with the endless task of escaping from man-eating-zombie-monkeys, while avoiding cliffs and fiery obstacles.

'Different devices' eh?

Other developers can jump on board now by picking up the API. Amazon says Game Circle is easy to integrate within existing titles and more are on the way.

Beyond the obvious, the cloud saving feature offers an interesting hint at Amazon's future plans. The video below mentions the ability to pick up game progress on different device.

Currently, there's only one Kindle Fire device so does that mean there's more on the way?

Speculation that Amazon is planning to launch a Kindle smartphone before the end of the year has resurfaced in the last week or so, so the cloud save feature may come in handy there.

Via: Joystiq

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