Microsoft Surface Pro: the latest news, tips and accessories

The new Surface Pro is designed for use on the move, and the Surface Pen makes it a brilliant option for creative apps, entertainment and games. These are our top picks from the Microsoft Store.


Sketchable is a drawing and painting app that's a perfect fit for your new Surface Pro. You can use the Surface Pen to create sketches from scratch, take and edit photos, and make quick notes.

If you've invested in the Surface Dial, you can switch between drawing tools and colors with a simple twist.

More advanced options, including layers, masks and transform tools, are available as in-app purchases.

Download here: Sketchable


If you're on the road with your Surface Pro, the Netflix app is the perfect way to keep yourself entertained. 

The app is free to use if you already have a Netflix account, and if not, you can use it to register for a one-month free trial. 

Once you've signed up, you'll have access to a huge selection of movies and TV shows. You can begin watching on your TV, then pick up where you left off using your Surface Pro when you're away from home.

Download here: Netflix

Drawboard PDF

Drawboard PDF is another excellent companion for your new Surface Pro, Pen and Dial. It's the easiest way to annotate documents and feels just like using paper and ink, making ideal for work and study alike.

You can also use the app to create new PDFs from scratch using text boxes, geometric shapes, photos, and hand drawings.

Dawboard PDF is available as a three-day free trial, after which the full app costs a modest £8.39/US$9.99/AU$14.95.

Buy here: Drawboard PDF

FIFA Mobile Football

FIFA Mobile Football is the perfect game for playing on the move. You don't need a Surface Pen or other peripherals for this one – just your fingertips.

The famous FIFA football manager series has been going strong since 1993, but this is the first version specifically designed for mobile devices like your new Surface Pro. Take your pick from over 350 real teams, then guide them to success. You'll learn how to obtain new players, adjust lineups on the fly, tweak tactics and master the art of rotation.

You can even join forces with other players as part of a multiplayer league, and take on the world's best players in tournaments.

Download here: FIFA Mobile Football

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