Microsoft Surface Pro: the latest news, tips and accessories

When you open your new Surface Pro, all you'll find is the tablet – no keyboard, pen, or other accessories – so you'll need to make a few extra purchases to get the most from your new device.

These are the best deals on all the essentials for your Surface Pro.

Microsoft Surface Pen

The new Surface Pen is currently available to pre-order from the Microsoft Store for £99.99/US$99.99 (about AU$130). 

It now features tilt support for shading drawings, reduced lag, and 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity. It will be available in four colors: silver, burgundy, black and cobalt blue.

Microsoft Surface Pro Signature Type Cover

The latest Type Cover is a marked improvement over the previous iteration – pleasant to use and more robust feeling. The new Alcantara fabric feels like it will stand the test of time, and Microsoft claims it looks better with age.

The keys pop back up with more force when pressed down too, making typing a more enjoyable experience.

Microsoft Surface Dial

The Surface Dial is an unusual little peripheral that sits on the screen of your Surface Pro, providing quick access to controls and shortcuts in your favorite apps. You can turn the Dial to scroll through web pages, control volume, rotate images, and switch between drawing tools.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition

This special edition of Microsoft's stylish Arc Touch Mouse is designed to look smart paired with your new Surface Pro. It's super lightweight at just 81.9g, works from up to 30 feet away, and can even be used on rough surfaces like wood and carpet.

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