LG V30 could launch in two months at IFA 2017

LG will reportedly unveil the LG V30 smartphone at the IFA 2017 trade show in Berlin.

This would mark the first time LG launched a "V" series phone at IFA; last year the company held an event to unveil the LG V20 while IFA 2016 took place, but the event took place in San Francisco.

LG's plan for the V30 is to hold a launch event the day before IFA officially begins, according to ETNews, which reported on the phone's launch timing. With the show opening its doors on September 1, that means the LG V30's unveiling will take place on August 31.

This lines up with previous rumors that the LG V30 will debut sometime in August. Several companies, including Samsung, hold events the day or two before IFA officially gets underway.

Though the launch timing rumors match up, we suggest taking ETNews' information with a grain of salt as the publication didn't site sources in its report. It is however a prolific source of information out of South Korea, and one with a typically solid track record.

Launching the LG V30 in August also coincides with the release of Android O, the newest flavor of mobile operating system from Google. The Android O release date is scheduled for this summer, so LG V30 could be one of the first flagships to launch with the OS baked in. The LG V20 was the first unreleased phone to launch with Android Nougat due to its early sales in South Korea.

More rumored LG V30 features

ETNews also dished a number of details on the new phone, including LG's intent to put the V30 up for pre-order in South Korea, something it hasn't done with previous V releases. 

The pre-orders will be available at three mobile carriers in the country, and it's unknown whether pre-orders will open up in the US or elsewhere. The LG V30 will officially go on sale in South Korea in September.

As for LG V30 specs, ETNews backs up reports the phone will feature an OLED display plus a bezeless design akin to the LG G6, two cameras on the rear and the V series' signature double screen on the front. 

While it's keeping the dual front displays, the overall look of the V30 is said to be a radical departure from the LG V10 and V20.

The LG V30 battery will supposedly pack a 3,200mAh punch alongside a Snapdragon 835 processor, and the phone will be water- and dust-proof. Audio is said to be a premium feature of the V30, and it will buck the trend of ditching headphone jacks in favor of keeping the 3.5mm port.

Finally, LG is reportedly breaking out the V30 into three storage options: 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. And, yes, the LG V30 will likely be expensive, with the 64GB version costing about $700.

All of the V30's specs are respectable, but the phone will face direct competition from the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which is also reportedly launching in August. Soon after, Apple's iPhone 8 will be revealed in mid-September.

Will the LG V30 have what it takes to stand up to these big-armed rivals? We'll find out in just a few months' time.

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