LG Rollable could launch earlier than we expected - here's why

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LG seems to have massive plans for the next year. With the LG Wing, the company gave a glimpse at what it has in store. A quick teaser shown at the end of the video during the LG Wing launch added fuel to the fire.

Post that we’ve been hearing all kinds of rumours and leaks around a breakthrough device that LG is working on. Yes, it’s the rollable phone we’re talking about and going by the latest reports, it seems that the LG Rollable is on its way to becoming the first such phone that we may be get to own.

The Rollable is coming early  but will it rule? 

Now a report from ETNews suggests that the phone may be scheduled for a launch earlier than we anticipate. The publication reports that the phone could be launched in early 2021 unlike what was reported earlier.

The LG Rollable, as it is called, may come with a 6.8-inches display and could stretch up to 7.4-inches in full bloom. Aside from the really lacklustre name, a rollable display could be a game-changer and could give a stiff competition to the foldable devices, a segment where Samsung is way ahead of the peers.

LG rollable phone patent

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The rollable phones are expected to be sturdier and are comparatively thin and light in weight when compared to the current generation foldable phones. The fact that the moving parts on a rollable phone aren’t going to be as exposed as the ones present on a foldable phone strengthens their case further.

While not much is known about the internals of the LG Rollable phone as of now, however, since the only major device to launch in the first quarter of next year is the Galaxy S21 series and with no other major foldable device launch in the near sight, the LG Rollable phone could get time to rake in some numbers.

It won’t come alone though

Apart from the Rollable which is going to be the second device under the Explorer Project, the company is expected to launch a couple of devices. The first one of these two is called Rainbow and the second one is a mid-range LG Q83.

The LG Rainbow is expected to be a successor of the LG Velvet that was introduced with different processors in different markets. ETNews reports that the Rainbow is expected to carry the same design first approach as the Velvet and may come with one of the Snapdragon 888 chipsets along with Wacom’s AES (Active Electrostatic) stylus pen.  

The fact that the LG Velvet did not get a flagship processor, in fact, the Indian variant is powered with a 2-year old chipset, it is doubtful that its successor will come with the latest Snapdragon chipset in tow. Folks at Android headlines also think on the same lines and suggest that the Rainbow may be powered by a Snapdragon 700-series processor. 

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