Is this the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus? This might be the first look

Image credit: TechTalkTV (Image credit: TechTalkTV)

We’re eagerly awaiting more news about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, but we might have gotten our first look at the rumored higher-specced ‘Pro’ model - which, according to a leak, will officially be called the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. 

YouTube channel TechTalkTV picked up leaked images via an Instagram account and put them in a video (below). There are three photos total, showing off the front and rear of the supposed Samsung flagship.

The device in question - branded as a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, not the standard Note 10 - looks like a Samsung phone, with a display that curves at the edges and a noticeable punch-hole on the top-center of the front screen. Three cameras are vertically lined up on the phone’s upper-left corner.

This resembles our previous close look at the phone, a 360-degree rendering. That mock-up had the same placement for the punch-hole and rear cameras, which supports the new photo leak.

The depicted device also doesn't seem to have a front-facing grille for a speaker, suggesting that Samsung is building in a sound-conducing screen, as Tom's Guide pointed out.

Unfortunately, however, none of the photos showed off the stylus, a mainstay of the Galaxy Note series. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 introduced a programmable button on the stylus that allowed users to snap photos from afar (among other actions), and we’re looking forward to what the Note 10 could add.

Is it the real deal?

While this looks promising it’s far too early to tell if this is the real deal - we’ll wait for more confirmation (aka more rumors and leaks) to corroborate this early look. 

Images like these give us an idea how the Note 10 Plus might look, but don't reveal any specs or features - let alone how the assumedly higher-specced (and probably pricier) model will differ from the base phone, so for now it's a definite maybe.

Hopefully this is the beginning of more information coming for the Note 10, however, which other rumors predict will launch in early August. 

David Lumb

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