Is the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 just a month away?

Microsoft Surface Duo
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Microsoft announced a new Surface event for later this month, with expectations running high that the new Microsoft Surface Duo 2 might be revealed.

Invites to the virtual event have started going out to media, stating that the company will talk about its upcoming Windows 11 launch and "devices." While there are painfully few details on the page for the event on the company's website, leaked images for the Surface Duo 2 surfaced back in July so a September 22 reveal would be timed just about right for the new dual-screen hardware from Microsoft.

We're also expecting to see other Microsoft Surface hardware, including a new Surface laptop. But with the Surface Laptop 4 released just a few months ago, we're expecting more of an update than an entirely new model that features Intel's 11th-gen Tiger Lake and AMD fifth-gen Ryzen processors.

We're also hoping to see a new Microsoft Surface Pro, but most of all, we hope the Microsoft Surface Book 4 makes an appearance.

Analysis: it's time for the Microsoft Surface Book 4

The Microsoft Surface Book 3 was almost one of the best laptops going thanks to its gorgeous display, appealing design, and outstanding keyboard, but its seriously premium price tag and pretty weak hardware totally knocked it out of the running when it was released.

That was over a year ago though, so Microsoft can make up for these shortcomings with a new Surface Book 4 with the latest processors from Intel and AMD. 

And while we don't expect a discrete GPU, after the Razer Blade 14 managed to pack in an RTX 3080 mobile GPU into a very lightweight chassis, we wouldn't mind seeing Microsoft beef up the specs a bit and make the Surface Book 4 a premium workstation to justify what is certain to be a very premium sticker price.

Microsoft missed the boat with its last Surface Book model, which is a shame. We genuinely hope they rectify that later this month. 

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