iPhone 9 release date is very, very soon, according to insider rumor

iPhone SE
iPhone SE (Image credit: Future)

The iPhone 9, perhaps coming as the iPhone SE 2, is expected to launch any day now, and while we don't know an exact launch or release date, a new rumor suggests it could be right around the corner.

This comes from Jon Prosser, a leaker with a decent track record, albeit one with a few mistakes too. Prosser states that Apple has been holding meetings to decide when to drop the iPhone 9, and at the moment it's looking like the release date could be April 22, preceded by a launch event on April 15.

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That would put the iPhone 9 launch event on the same day as the Honor 30 event, just the day after the OnePlus 8 reveal, making it a pretty busy period in the phones world.

However, as Prosser points out, given the state of flux the world is in, these dates could easily get changed depending on the phone shipments and state of the US, where Apple is based, plus the various countries the phone would get shipped to for orders.

But for now, apparently the iPhone 9 launch is just around the corner. The supposed April 15 unveiling is just two weeks away at time of writing, and even if Apple postpones the event slightly it likely wouldn't push it too far, so we'll likely see the handset very, very soon.

TechRadar will be sure to report on the iPhone 9 announcement when it happens, and bring you all our news, analysis and reviews, so stay tuned come April 15 for that.

Via AppleInsider

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