Honor 30 series launch date set for just one day after OnePlus 8 unveiling

Honor 20 Pro
The Honor 20 Pro (Image credit: Future)

Mid-April is shaping up to be a busy period for smartphones: the OnePlus 8 series is coming on April 14, the budget iPhone 9 is rumored to be unveiled around then, and now we know that the Honor 30 phones will also be shown off on April 15.

This news comes from Honor itself, in a post on Chinese social media platform Weibo which has curiously now been deleted, however not before a poster accompanying the post was saved.

(Image credit: Honor)

The poster is in Chinese, but we can make out the date April 15 as well as the name of the device (the '30' gives it away).

The phone is in view here, but barely, and we can't even make out how many rear cameras are present nor what the notch or bezel situation is. This is some pretty coy camera placement by Honor.

It appears that the handset angles towards the sides in the same way a device with a curved display would, so the handset could have a curved display as the Honor View 30 Pro does, but that could be quite a stretch too.

The only thing we can tell about the phone for certain is that you'll be able to buy it in a silver design, which looks a little more subtle than the dancing blues and violets of the Honor 20 series, although it's possible those colored versions will be available too.

We haven't heard many leaks for the Honor 30 phones, and it seems appetite might be quite low in the west given they likely won't launch with Google Mobile Services apps thanks to the Huawei ban (Honor is owned by Huawei).

Still, we'll find out all about the new phones come April 15, when the Chinese launch is set to happen. It's unlikely we'll hear details for markets like the UK until later in the year.

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