iPhone 9 might launch today, and not be called that, according to new rumor

The iPhone SE from 2016 (Image credit: Future)

Only a couple of days ago, we reported that the long-rumored iPhone 9 (often referred to by the moniker iPhone SE 2) might finally be unveiled on April 22. Now, 9to5Mac has received new information that it may be as early as today.

Based on a tip offered by one of the site's trusted readers, 9to5Mac believes that Apple may open orders for its entry-level iPhone as soon as today (April 3).

The site also says the new handset will simply retain the iPhone SE name, and will be referred to as the 2020 version in an attempt to avoid confusion. That's an assertion that's been backed up by Apple itself, as we'll get to at the end of this article.

Along with details discussed above, the leak also states that the new iPhone SE will be made available in White, Black and Product (RED) color variants, with Apple set to offer the handset with either 64GB, 128GB and 256GB of storage.

In terms of specs, previous reports have suggested that the rumored phone will feature the same A13 chipset used by the current iPhone 11, with 3GB of RAM and a 4.7-inch LCD screen. Its design is also expected to look nearly identical to that of the iPhone 8, the iPhone 7, the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6.

Of course, all of the information listed above is far from concrete at this stage. For the time being, we'll have to wait for Apple to make the first move.

Apple reveals the iPhone SE name

A source very close to the matter has seemingly teased the iPhone SE name - Apple itself.

This comes from Apple's website itself (as spotted by The Verge), where a screen protector was listed as being compatible for the '4.7-inch iPhone SE'. The original iPhone SE had a 4-inch screen, and leaked iPhone 9 cases suggested the new device was 4.7-inches across, so it really seems what we knew as the 'iPhone 9' will actually be called the 'iPhone SE'.

The iPhone 9 name seemed an odd choice given the iPhone 11 phones were released recently, so it makes sense ditching that moniker, but reviving an older title is still rather confusing.

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