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YouTube rental store hits the US

YouTube dips toes into the online rental market

YouTube's movie rental store has opened in the US following a trial in January – but with pricing still high, it may be some time before it becomes a mainstream rival to the likes of iTunes and Amazon.

Despite a trial of rentable Sundance film festival titles bringing in an estimated $11,000, the rental store is now available in the States, offering films like Reservoir Dogs and Bass Ackwards for rental.

However, with rental prices starting at a dollar and moving up to $4 for newer films, the service is already coming under fire.

Watching window

Rental periods are from 24 hours to 72, and there is a nice line in Bollywood and Manga television titles which may draw in a different crowd.

But when you can buy content for around the same price as the current rental fee, this isn't yet a store that UK consumers need to feel too jealous of.

Via ReadWriteWeb