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YouTube celebrates hitting 10 million Facebook likes

YouTube - Facebook Liked
YouTube - Facebook Liked

YouTube is celebrating after 10 million people Facebook Liked the online video giant, with the Google owned service thanking fans for making it more popular than Ronaldo and even 'music'.

Facebook Like has been a major hit with fans of the social network, which recently hit the 500 million users mark.

One in every 50 Facebook subscribers have apparently taken time out to acknowledge their like for YouTube, to the delight of Community Manager Mia Quagliarelly.

"Today our Facebook page hit an important milestone: over 10 million of you have clicked that "Like" button, making us more popular thanCristiano Ronaldo and -- whoa --music?!" blogged Quagliarelly.

Sights set

YouTube is not the most liked thing on Facebook, however, but Quagliarelly has set the sights on those ahead of them.

"Now, that's pretty awesome, but honestly we won't rest until we rock those vampires, sweep by the Prez and topple Lady Gaga."

YouTube staff have even made a quick video giving Facebook users their own special brand of 'Like'.