YouTube boosts live streaming with Twenty20 cricket matches

No, we have no idea what the Fonz is doing there either

Google has announced a partnership with the Indian Premier League to live-stream upcoming cricket matches on YouTube.

This isn't the first time YouTube has delved into the live-streaming arena but it is the first sport event.

Most of the site's live shows have been music based - late last year it announced it was showing a U2 gig live and its first-ever live-streamed event was aptly called YouTube Live – a concert which featured music from Katy Perry, and Joe Satriani.

Open platform

"We are thrilled to have the IPL as our global partner," explained Shailesh Rao, a Senior Manager of Google India, in a statement.

"YouTube offers an open platform for sports and entertainment companies to take their content to a global audience and a great opportunity for advertisers."

The online content will start 12 March and run to 25 April, covering a Twenty20 tournament, and YouTube will have the exclusive online rights to the footage for two years.

There will be a dedicated channel to the cricket action, which you can find at: