Kickstarter hits the UK with a £10,000 cup of tea

Kickstarter hits the UK with a £10,000 cup of tea
Good and proper, as all British things should be

Kickstarter is now live in the UK with one of the first projects seeking crowd-funding appropriately tea-related.

Now that the US site has made the leap across the Atlantic, you can fund and seek funds in sterling rather than dollars.

To submit a proposal for crowd-funding, you'll need to have a registered Companies House number as well as being over 18 with a UK address, bank account and ID.

Nice cup of tea

As well as the Good & Proper Tea project, which seeks to do for loose-leaf tea what Meat Wagon did for the consumption of animal flesh, one of the first projects on the UK site is a Raspberry Pi cabinet named Picade.

The Picade project was actually the first British project to land on the site shortly after midnight. Its creators are after £32,768 to manufacture desktop arcade cabinets for Raspberry Pi boards, which people can build from a kit at home.

We'll also be keeping a close eye on Yoda In Steel (Andrew Parker wants to build a steel sculpture of Yoda), 2D game development tool Objecty and lovely-looking film You wanna be a spaceman?.

Kickstarter has proven a phenomenal success in the US with several projects achieving funding of over $1 million; in total, Kickstarter says it has helped start-ups and inventors raise over $340 million (around £211 million) to date.

However, a successful Kickstarter is no guarantee of a successful project; one project, Haunts, recently raised $28,000 but it wasn't much use to the company behind it when the development team jumped ship.

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