Amazon loved its first Prime Day, even though you probably didn't

Amazon Prime Day

Even if you didn't find much of anything interesting to buy, Amazon's first Prime Day turned out to be a major success, according to the company. The company shared the results of the mega sale, which trumped the number of units ordered during Black Friday 2014, or "the biggest Black Friday ever," by 18%.

Prime subscribers purchased 34.4 million items during the day-long sale, clicking "buy" a startling 398 times per second. Some of the top contenders throughout the sale included Amazon's Fire TV Stick, which sold "tens of thousands" of units in one hour. 56,000 copies of the Lord of the Rings trilogy on Blu-Ray were bought up. Also, 47,000 televisions and 51,000 sets of Bose SoundTrue headphones enticed Prime members.

Amazon went so far as to breakdown the top sellers per country during Prime Day. Just to name a few, Prime subscribers in Japan just had to have that "Green Smoothie mix" and Canada went gaga over Huggies Diapers. It sounds like everyone got what they wanted, right? Not quite.

I walked all the way over to my desk for this?

The internet at large expressed loudly that Amazon totally dropped the ball, especially if you went in hoping to score huge deals on cool tech. Hopefully, next year's Prime Day delivers something more in line with what public expectations, but either way, Amazon seems happy with this year's results. The company claimed that "more new members tried Prime worldwide than any single day in Amazon history."

Despite that feat, you have to wonder how many of those Prime members, both new and old, decided that they won't be a part of next year's "Christmas in July" extravaganza.