HTC’s Viveport subscription adds over 75 new virtual reality titles

HTC’s Viveport subscription service launched in April, and HTC has now announced that it has doubled the number of virtual reality titles on offer.

For a monthly fee of £6.99/$6.99/AU$9.99 you can choose five virtual reality apps or games from a curated list to download and install, which is a handy way to test out a range virtual reality games and experiences – which are often quite short.

With the inclusion of 75 new titles - bringing the total number of VR titles available on the service to over 150 - the subscription looks like even better value for money, especially if you’ve been struggling to find games to play.

New additions

Included in the new range of VR games and experiences are ROM: Extraction, Knockout League, Overkill, Cosmic Trip, and Sairento VR. A number of the games and apps that have just been added to Viveport weren't available outside of Asia until now.

Rikard Steiber, President of Viveport at HTC Vive, said that “we are doubling the number of available titles to over 150 with new bestsellers and a wide range of content available in the West for the first time. We want to offer VR developers the most ways to monetise their content, and they now have an additional channel to reach new audiences and generate more revenue.”

We spoke to Stieber about how Viveport was doing, and while he couldn’t give us specific numbers, he said that there was a “healthy conversion from the free 30 day trial”.

While we were excited to hear that the HTC Vive is coming to Macs earlier this week at WWDC, Stieber told us that “we have no announcement to make at the moment” about Viveport coming to Mac, though he assured us that “Mac is a key audience”.

He also explained how “our ambition is to be platform agnostic” so we may see the Viveport service become available for more VR platforms, such as Google Cardboard, in the future.

If you want to check out the range of VR titles, head over to the Viveport subscription website to try a 30 day free trial.

  • For the best VR results, try Windows 10 on for size
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