Top 10: The best high-def LCD TVs

Samsung continue to show others the way in the design stakes with stunners like the LE46N73BD

The commonly held view in the plasma v LCD format war is that plasmas provide the best contrast and picture quality.

But there are some excellent LCDs out there that are challenging this belief, and taking LCD into new territory in terms of features and performance.

The 10 listed below have been leading this charge, and impressed us enough when we reviewed them that we're singing their praises all over again. Click on the television's name to read our original review and find the best prices.

10 HANNspree HANNSvibe

" If Andy Warhol had designed an LCD TV, chances are it would have looked like this." Probably on features alone the quirky HANNSvibe wouldn't get near this top 10. But it makes it simply for being a variation on the endless brigade of black and silver clones. Why buy? Because you're different.

9 Panasonic TX-26LXD60

" There's almost too much going on in this TV for the minuscule £700 asking price." You'll find very few televisions at this sort of price that come close to the TX-26LXD60, either in terms of features or high-def performance. Panasonic only do plasmas, right? Not any more. Why buy? Because it makes HD affordable.

8 Toshiba 42WLT68

" The 42WLT68 could be one of the TVs of 2007, and at £1,900 it's also a certified bargain." When you get down to it, the main things everyone wants from a television are a good picture and good sound. Throw in three HDMIs and the 42WLT68 can't fail to impress. Why buy? Because quality matters.

7 Samsung LE46N73BD

" If style is a major consideration, then you've certainly come to the right place." We've already complained that all new TVs seem to look the same. Look at the LE46N73BD and you'll understand why. It makes for great viewing, and you don't even have to switch it on. Why buy? Because it just looks so good.

6 Sony Bravia KDL-46V2500

" You've got a picture that looks almost three-dimensional." Many exotically named features that promise to boost the viewing experience are just gimmicks. But there's no question that Dynamic Contrast does it. With sharpness and black levels like this, you'll forget it's an LCD. Why buy? Because you're serious about home cinema.

5 Hitachi 37LD9700

"Y ou can sit yourself way off to the side and still see the picture perfectly." Hitachi claims the 37LD9700 has the widest viewing angle on the market. And even if you are out of range, its motorised stand can bring the picture to you. And happily, the picture quality is great regardless of where you're looking from. Why buy? Because now we can all watch telly together.

4 Samsung LE52M86BD

" High-end plasmas produce deeper, more textured blacks, but this Samsung closes the contrast gap a long way." Look at this screen's size and claimed contrast ratio and you'd think it was a plasma in disguise. And being a Samsung, of course, the disguise is a very attractive one. Why buy? Because big is beautiful.

3 Philips 42PF9831D

" Once in a while a flat-panel set comes along that defies the laws of TV design." This is one of those rare TVs that's both attractive and distinctive. And with all Phillips' technical wizardry on board - including the pyrotechnic magic of Ambilight - this is a high-end LCD that really does have the 'wow' factor. Why buy? Because you like to show off.

2 Sharp Aquos LC-46XD1E

" Its flaws are dwarfed by all the good things it's got going on." Plasma fans beware - your usual complaints about LCD won't wash here. This 46-inch stunner is every bit the real Full HD deal, but the best bit is the price. If you shop around you can pick one up for under £1,300, which is fantastic value. Why buy?Because you get so much for your money.

1 Sony Bravia KDL-46X2000

" It's stuffed with the kind of wizardry that'd make Gandalf jealous." Why is this our number one? Because it has no real weaknesses. From black levels to noise, colour to connections, the KDL-46X2000 comes up trumps in every area. It's not cheap, but the best seldom is. Why buy? Because you won't find a better LCD.

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