Nintendo NX might retail at a high price if investor freakout is anything to go by

Excitement for Nintendo’s new console might be reaching a fever pitch, but the finance world is less excited about the upcoming Nintendo NX – which may also give a hint towards just how expensive Nintendo's next console will be.

Credit rating agency Macquarie has recently downgraded its rating for the home of Mario from ‘Outperform’ to ‘Neutral’, which essentially amounts to the agency telling investors that it doesn’t expect the company to perform especially well in the near future. 

Explaining the change, the firm cited its expectation that NX sales to be weaker than expected due to its expected $300-350 price being too high. Assuming its price sits at the bottom end of that spectrum that translates to around £250 or AU$390. 

Super Mario fun

Macquarie was also critical of Nintendo’s decision to limit Super Mario Run to iOS devices and to not release it in China, a substantial smartphone market. 

The agency is not the first to react negatively to the NX. Earlier this year prominent industry analyst Michael Pachter predicted that the console would fail to garner developer support outside of Japan

Whatever the analysts say, we're nevertheless excited about the new console, which appears to be something of a console/handheld hybrid which can either be used at home or while out and about. 

Jon Porter

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