Own a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Plus? These are the accessories you should buy today

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are two of the best phones on the market in 2017, and there are a variety of accessories you can buy to protect and improve your smartphone experience.

From phone cases to keyboards, battery packs to wireless chargers, they’ll have you covered when it comes to accessorising your phone, and the best bit is each is made by Samsung.

That means it’s specifically designed for either the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus so you know it’ll fit and work with your phone perfectly.

For example, Samsung’s Clear View Standing Cover allows you to easily prop your phone up on the desk when you’re watching video as well as controlling your music without having to open up the whole case.

There’s the new LED Cover that shows important data on your lock screen including your alarms, the time and incoming calls without having to slide open your phone at all.

Samsung’s Clear Cover is the perfect choice if you’re after something simple and at only 0.8mm thick it won’t make your phone feel bulky in your pocket either.

One of the boldest options from Samsung is perhaps the Alcantara Cover that feels and looks like suede but is durable and won’t stain easily. This comes in Silver, Mint, Blue or Pink. 

The Soft Touch Cover from Samsung gives a smooth feel to the back of the phone but also offers great grip and solid protection from scratches and the odd drop on the floor too.

The final cover from Samsung is the 2Piece, which looks unlike anything you’ve seen before. This cover comes in two pieces – obviously - that attach to the top and bottom of your phone with suction pads and while offering protection also allow you to see the beautiful design of the Galaxy S8.

If you’re looking for a productivity device for your Galaxy S8, there’s the Keyboard Cover for your phone that offers you a QWERTY design and just snaps on the bottom. You won’t even need to charge this separately, it just works as soon as you clip it on.

Speaking of battery life, there is a selection of power banks and wireless chargers from Samsung to ensure you’re always charged up whether it’s on the go, at home or at your desk.

The Wireless Convertible Charger from Samsung is the perfect desk accessory that acts as both a stand so you can see incoming notifications from your phone as well as charging it up without having to plug it in. You get the choice of either Couch Black or Couch Brown.

Then for when you’re on the go you can use the Samsung Battery Pack – in either Navy Blue or Grey – that offers 5,100mAh of extra battery. That will charge up the Galaxy S8 at least one and a half times, while the Galaxy S8 Plus will get just a little over a full charge.

You can buy all of these accessories starting from just £17.00 directly from Samsung today via the Samsung Shop! 

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