This Samsung 8K TV with Mini LED is now available to buy

Samsung QN700A
(Image credit: Samsung)

A new Samsung 8K TV is about to launch, and you can start pre-ordering now.

The Samsung QN700A is this year's entry-level 8K screen from the massive electronics manufacturer, and UK retailer has confirmed that the release date for its 65-inch and 75-inch models will be July 3

You can pre-order already, and the screen is listed for sale on the official Samsung store and Argos too, depending on where you like to buy. (Argos, however, does appear to be shipping out the 65-inch model already.)

The QN700A packs in 8K resolution, dynamic HDR10+ support, premium OTS+ audio, and Samsung's excellent Tizen interface to boot. It does make do with a Neo Quantum Processor 8K Lite, rather than the more fully-fledged chipset of higher-end models, so you should expect some sacrifices to the picture – but this is still a premium offering in almost every way.

This year's 8K TVs from Samsung have seen a big update, with Mini LED backlights that drastically reduce the size of its LEDs (to 1/40 of the size, we're told) for improved brightness control and contrast.

These 'Neo QLED' TVs are a step up from previous new Samsung TVs, and the QN700A will be the cheapest way to get one into your home this year, retailing for £3,499 at a 65-inch size and £4,499 at a 75-inch size.

Go big, go home

It's worth noting that the Samsung QN700A is only releasing in 65-inch and 75-inch sizes to start with. There will be a 55-inch model, retailing for a reduced price compared to its larger siblings, though we've yet to hear a release date or official RRP.

Of course, 55-inch 8K TVs occupy an awkward position in TV ranges these days. While 55 inches is the flagship size for 4K TVs, it's simply too small to do 8K resolution justice, meaning you won't get the benefit of those 33 million pixels on such a compact size.

A 55-inch 8K TV will likely be the best chance for budget TV buyers to try out the technology, though, so if you're desperate to upgrade from 4K to 8K, the option is very much there.

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