Here's an incredibly expensive way to upgrade the PS5's two-tone case

Cavia Golden Rock PS5
(Image credit: Caviar)

If you're lucky enough to own a PS5 but still can't acclimate to that two-tone color-scheme – even on the TechRadar team, some of us absolutely love the PS5 design, others hate it – we have good news. Well, if you're absolutely loaded, that is.

A few weeks back we reported that Caviar – a company that specializes in transforming your clean, minimal tech into fancy, jewel-encrusted treasure – revealed Golden Rock, a custom, gold-encased limited edition PS5 console. 

Now the company has revealed the pricing and its makes scalpers look charitable. The gold PS5 Golden Rock – which is "assembled from 8 sheets, cast in solid gold [...] made in the original jewellery technique, which adds volume and texture to the model" – will set you back $500K (that's £358.5K or AUD$642.5K), which might seem a bit steep, but given the DualSense controller is "made of crocodile leather for real tactile pleasure", you might even be tempted to order two.

The range is limited to just nine units – so get your credit card out or remortgage your house pronto.

If that seems a little steep, it might interest you to know there are two alternate consoles available, too – Carbon and Alligator. Carbon encases the machine with "durable car carbon" for $5830 (that's £4.2K/AUD$7.4K), while the $8140 (that's £5.8K/AUD$10.4K) Alligator edition is "genuine black alligator leather" with small details covered in 24-carat 999 gold to give "the model solidity and grace". Both are limited to 99 pieces.

Paint it black

In related news, the PS5 is undeniably large, but for some unknown reason, a 10-foot tall model that weighs 500 pounds now exists… and it costs $70K (that’s around £50,000 or $AU89,000).

YouTuber ZHC stumped up the eye-watering sum for the towering behemoth, which is even taller than Resident Evil Village’s tall vampire lady. The console even comes with an oversized PS5 DualSense controller, for reasons. The most surprising thing, though, is that it's fully-functional and not just a prop.

The PlayStation 5’s two-tone color scheme has come under fire, with gamers craving a black PS5 ever since the console was revealed. Thankfully a company is now selling black PS5 faceplates, which can give you that matte black PS5 we’ve all been dreaming about. Simply pop off the side panels of the PS5, and voila: you’ve got a black PS5.