Google Stadia games list gets a big boost: PUBG, Madden, FIFA and more confirmed

(Image credit: EA)

Google announced a number of popular new titles coming to its Stadia streaming service today, including PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Octopath Traveler and five games from a partnership with EA – FIFA, Madden, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order along with two more that have yet to be announced.

Most of these games will all be available to purchase a la carte later this year, but Google announced that PUBG will be available starting today and would be part of the Stadia Pro program alongside Zombie Army 4: Dead War.  

In addition to the games already mentioned, Google announced three games that will launch first on the service: Crayta, Get Packed and Wave Break. Crayta, a Dreams-esque creation platform allows gamers to create multiplayer games on their PC to share with their friends and comes out in a few months while Get Packed, a game that looks eerily similar to Moving Out, launches today for $19.99. 

Google also highlighted some EA games today, but in a separate press release said that they won’t be available for a few months - the release says Fall and Winter for North America, so likely sometime in October, November or December. 

Games galore 

The games announced today are among the 120 new games that are supposed to come to the service in 2020 - a promise that Google is so far making good on.

Back in February, Stadia added Panzer Dragoon Remake, Serious Sam Collection, Spitlings, Lost Words: Beyond the Page and Stacks on Stacks (on Stacks) and during the presentation today said it will announce more in another Stadia Connect briefing that it will hold in a few months.

Although these updates can feel a bit unnecessary to some, Google needs these updates to keep gamers interested in Stadia. One of the service’s biggest problems was that it didn’t launch with the same amount of content that other online storefronts had, and has lagged behind adding games to the service.

Thankfully that ship has some wind in its sails after today’s announcement, but it's been anything but smooth sailing for the company's flagship streaming service.

Nick Pino

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