Google Pixel Fold leak reveals size, display and camera details

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 hands on Bora Purple w Z Fold 4
The Pixel Fold will be taking on Samsung's latest foldables (Image credit: Future / Alex Walker-Todd)

We didn't hear anything official about the Google Pixel Fold at the launch of the Google Pixel 7, Google Pixel 7 Pro and Google Pixel Watch – but as a new leak shows, there's clearly a foldable phone made by Google heading our way soon.

The folks over at 91mobiles – who are accurate with predictions more often than not – have managed to get access to several specs for the foldable, including information about the size and shape of the device, plus some display and camera details.

The screen panels are apparently being ordered from Samsung (as per previous rumors), and will come running at a resolution of 2208 x 1840. The display is said to offer an average brightness of 800 nits, a maximum brightness of 1,200 nits, and a refresh rate that could go up to 120 Hz. Meanwhile, the overall dimensions of the unfolded device are reported to be 123 mm x 148 mm.

Sensor specs

On to cameras, and the Pixel Fold is said to be boasting a rear camera made up of Sony IMX787 main (64MP), IMX386 (12.2MP) ultra-wide and S5K3J1 (10MP) telephoto lenses. The inner display camera reportedly uses a Sony IMX355 (8MP) sensor, with a S5K3J1 (10MP) sensor on the outer display.

Some of those sensor specs have been mentioned before, but as we get closer to the launch of the Pixel Fold, the details are starting to come together from several sources – which of course makes it more likely that they are indeed accurate.

Speaking of the launch, the foldable phone is widely expected to make its debut at some point during 2023 (after originally being rumored for 2022). As always, the price will be crucial, and somewhere in the region of $1,400 (about £1,255 / AU$2,260) is expected.

Analysis: this foldable comes into focus

We've been hearing that Google is working on a foldable phone for a long time at this point (though we're not in Apple Car territory in terms of longevity). Considering the frequency of the leaks we're now hearing, it does seem that a launch is getting close.

The signs are promising: with the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Samsung is now up to the fourth iteration of its flagship foldable phone, so it knows what it's doing in terms of displays. Then there's Google expanding Pixel hardware line, which demonstrates that the company is serious about increasing the number of devices it has to offer.

While foldable phones are hardly mainstream at the moment, they are slowly becoming a more common sight – and as prices continue to fall as the technology gets cheaper, that trend is only going to go in one direction. It feels like the right time for Google to get involved and give Pixel fans a premium-level offering.

Meanwhile, Apple waits in the wings with its own foldable iPhone. It seems as though Apple is prepared to take its time when it comes to launching a folding phone, perhaps waiting for the tech to become even cheaper and even more reliable.

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