Google Pixel 4a deals: Carphone Warehouse sale bags you the handset from as little as £17 a month

Google Pixel 4a deal
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After an affordable contract that still plays host to a powerful handset? This has Google written all over it with the arrival of its Pixel 4a handset, which takes all the powerful features of its full-fat counterpart and packs it into a low-cost package. 

Thanks to Carphone Warehouse's fantastic Google Pixel 4a deals, you can nab both the 4G and 5G models in a number of Vodafone tariffs that bag you your ideal data dosage.

All £30 a month or below, our top pick for its 4G model is the Pixel 4a 128GB handset for £23 a month and £9 upfront, loaded with 18GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts.

Want to benefit from the speediest connection? Carphone Warehouse has also introduced excellent pricing for the Pixel 4a 5G variant. Don't want to pay anything upfront? Get a whopping 54GB of data with one of Vodafone's 5G-ready SIMs for just £30 a month.

If you're after all the bells and whistles of the Pixel 4, you can always check out or Google Pixel 5 deals, or see what other mobile phone deals are available. Otherwise, get the full list of Carphone Warehouse's sale prices on the Pixel 4a below.

All the information on the best Google Pixel 4a deals


Google Pixel 4a 128GB: at Carphone Warehouse | Vodafone | 24 months | £49 upfront | 2GB data | unlimited minutes and texts | £17 per month
Want to keep your monthly costs down and don't need all that much data to get you from month-to-month? This plan is definitely the one for you, bagging you the Pixel 4a with its lovely 5.8-inch AMOLED display and dual 12.2MP rear camera set-up. Pay £49 upfront and a small £17 rate every month for your Google Pixal 4a handset on a Vodafone tariff.


Google Pixel 4a 128GB: at Carphone Warehouse | Vodafone | 24 months | £9 upfront | 18GB data | unlimited minutes and texts | £23 per month
For those who want more data, this is an excellent value plan. Pay just £6 more and upgrade to a whole 18GB of data, more than enough for those who like a spot of streaming and social media scrolling. Better still, you'll pay less than a tenner upfront for this 24 month Vodafone contract.

Top savings in these Google Pixel 4a 5G deals


Google Pixel 4a 5G 128GB: at Carphone Warehouse | Vodafone | 24 months | £29 upfront | 18GB data | unlimited minutes and texts | £23 per month
Benefit from the fastest and most reliable mobile connections with this 5G-ready Pixel 4a model, under £30 as an initial down payment and only £23 a month. You'll also get a healthy dose of data a month that can more than hack that 5G usage.


Google Pixel 4a 5G 128GB: at Carphone Warehouse | Vodafone | 24 months | FREE upfront | 54GB data | unlimited minutes and texts | £30 per month
Can't trust yourself not to blitz through your data? Pay absolutely nothing upfront in this Vodafone tariff and get a whole 54GB of data to play with every month, allowing you to binge watch on the go, update your favourite social networks without a worry for your allowance running low. Better still, all for just £50 a month with the 5G-equipped handset, you can fully make the most of excellent mobile speeds.

What is the difference between the Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a 5G?

Don't be fooled - there's more to the differences between the Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a 5G models than simply being compatible with the fifth generation of mobile connectivity. While the Pixel 4a 5G will offer a stronger and faster performance than the Pixel 4a when you're not connected to Wi-Fi, the Pixel 4a 5G also has a bigger blueprint with its 6.2-inch FHD+ OLED display, versus the Pixel 4a's 5.5 FHD+ AMOLED display with the former offering a more superior display.

The Pixel 4a 5G also trumps with its rear camera set-up, boasting two sensors with increased pixels - a 12MP and 16MP dual lens camera. Meanwhile the Pixel 4a's rear camera compiles of a dual 12.2MP lens. The former takes the lead in shooting versatility, adding Cinematic Pan and its ultrawide lens to its repertoire alongside Night Sight, Live HDR+ and Portrait Light features.

That being said, Google's smartphones have always impressed due to the processing software of its cameras. In that sense, it's all about what happens after the shutter closes, with both cameras capturing vivid images, performing particularly well in low lighting conditions with its Night Sight mode.

The differences continue under the hood with the Pixel 4a powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G, while the Pixel 4a 5G is equipped with the Qualcomm Snadragon 765G. In terms of battery cells, the former houses a 3140mAh cell. Keeping up with its 5G functionality, the Pixel 4a 5G receives a slight advantage with its 3885mAH cell.

While it may seem like there's a lot in it, these are still both decent handsets. Need more help deciding which is the one for you. Why not check out our reviews for the Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a 5G to help you make up your mind?

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