Google just slashed the price of Pixel 4 and 3a deals - now from only £230

Google Pixel 4 deals
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The Google Pixel 5 launch came and went. You marvelled at its market-leading camera tech, snazzy metal casing and intuitive handling of the Android OS... and then you saw the price of Pixel 5 deals.

With an RRP of £599 it doesn't quite match iPhone deals in the 'arm and a leg' stakes, but it's still a fair amount of cash to splash - especially with Christmas just around the corner. So it's only natural that you'd want to consider the handsets that Google released in 2019 instead. And that's only even more so now that the search engine giant has decided to slash prices in pretty dramatic pre-Black Friday fashion.

When the Pixel 4 was released around this time last year, it felt like a bit of an incremental upgrade from what had come before. But now it just looks like an absolute bargain for anybody who wants one of the best camera phones in the world. Head direct to Google's online store, choose a white or black Pixel 4 and enter the code PIXEL4OFFER and you'll see a massive £267 magically disappear from the price, bringing it down to an unprecedented £401.40.

Still a bit pricey? Then the Pixel 3a may be a better choice. The process is the same - go to the Google Store, put the black model in your basket (it's the only colour currently available), type in PIXEL3AOFFER as your promo code and, voila... the price comes down to a cheap as chips £230.30!

As the opening Black Friday phone deals are now coming in thick and fast, this already feels like it could be one of the most impressive. But, strangely, you only have until Friday, November 20 to claim them - that's a whole week before the big day itself.

These Google Pixel deals in full:

Google Pixel 4 | £669£401.40 | 40% off | Code: PIXEL4OFFER
Deal ends November 20

Google Pixel 4 | £669 £401.40 | 40% off | Code: PIXEL4OFFER
Up until just a few short weeks ago, this was the Google handset to have. It remains one of the best camera phones out there, with Google really nailing the photography software. Plus, the 90Hz display is a beaut and it's just an all-round pleasurable phone to use. Deal ends November 20

Google Pixel 3a | £329£230.30 | 30% off | Code: PIXEL3AOFFER
Deal ends November 20

Google Pixel 3a | £329 £230.30 | 30% off | Code: PIXEL3AOFFER
Yep, you are reading that correctly. Thanks to the limited time promo code, you can now get 2019's excellent Pixel 3a for less than £250. And there's no need to compromise on quality, as you'll find enough modern specs on board here to mix it with the best mid-range phones around. Deal ends November 20

Are Google Pixel 4 and 3a deals worth getting?

The Google Pixel 4 offers a number of innovative features and major upgrades from previous models. It's the first phone to fully implement motion sense features, allowing you to use the phone with gestures.

The processor has gotten a significant upgrade, finally bringing the Pixel range up to competitive standards, and the OLED screen has also seen major improvements. It's now capable of 90HZ refresh rates and offering ambient EQ technology that lets you adjust the screen to your environment.

Want something a bit cheaper? Then the Pixel 3a is genuinely worth a look. We gave it a 4 out of 5 rating, which is frankly staggering for a mobile you can already get for less than £250.

OK, so this isn't the handset for you if you're head is turned by premium features like wireless charging and glass casing. But the 5.6-inch Full HD+ OLED display looks splendid, the battery life is impressive, the 12.2MP main camera is extremely good and it even has a headphone jack!

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