Get Little Big Adventure 2 free this weekend

Little Big Adventure 2 – also known as Twinsen’s Odyssey – is available to download free for a limited time thanks to classic PC gaming platform Good Old Games.

You take the role of Twinsen, whose peaceful village has been invaded by maurauding aliens. To save his home (the confusingly named planet Twinsun), Twinsen must embark on a voyage across the galaxy to defeat the evil dictator Dr FunFrock.

Save your Kashes

LBA2’s take on the traditional hero’s journey is as bizarre as it sounds, and terrific fun. Despite being released in 1997, the game has held onto its charm, with a well-crafted plot, Zelda-style mechanics and a hefty dose of outright weirdness.

On his journey, Twinsen encounters bomb-firing elephants living cheek-by-jowel with rabbit people, an order of wizards that can only be joined by performing car stunts, and a particularly ill-tempered camel. In addition to the usual assortment of keys and magic gems, you’re tasked with gathering jetpacks, umbrellas and Nitro-Meca-Penguins – wind-up birds that walk a few steps, then explode.

The voice acting might not be up to modern standards and the controls take some getting used to, but LBA2 will give you hours of entertainment without costing you a penny. 

Download here: Little Big Adventure 2

Cat Ellis

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