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Get up to $1,600 off the top Sony Alpha cameras in this Black Friday camera sale

Black Friday Sony Alpha camera sale
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Looking for a great Black Friday camera deal over the sales season? Well there's a huge deal at Amazon right now, as part of its Black Friday sales, that dish out some pretty fantastic savings on a range of Sony Alpha cameras.

The highlight of this is a wild $1,614 price cut off the Sony A7R II, a fantastic camera that we awarded a five-star rating for, with a great megapixel count, really fast performance, and special video recording capabilities. If you're looking for a new camera, and have a bit to spend, this is definitely one to consider.

There are some other great Sony camera deals as part of Amazon's Black Friday sales too, so if you want a more affordable camera, there are some for you too.

Sony A7R II: $3,012 $1,398 at Amazon
This is frankly a fantastic price cut, with $1,614 (or 54%) wiped off the cost of this Sony camera. It's somewhat of a niche snapper compared to some alternatives, but it's a great camera, and with this huge price cut you're getting yourself a real bargain.
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There are deals on plenty of other Sony Alpha cameras, and while none of them are $1,600 cheaper, there are some decent savings to be had on great builds like the Sony A7 III, Sony A6000 and Sony A7 II.

Sony A7 III: $1,998 $1,798 at Amazon
This is one of Sony's newest cameras, and the $200 price cut it's facing is nothing to turn your nose up at. This deal is for the body only, but if you want a 28-70mm lens, there's a deal for that too, which you can find by following the link.
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Sony A5100 with 16-50mm lens: $598 $398 at Amazon
If you want an affordable Sony camera, this might be the deal for you, as it provides you one of the company's most affordable pieces of kit with a lens too, all for less than $400. The camera is only available for sale if you buy it with this particular lens.
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Sony A6000 with 16-50mm and 55-210mm lens: $999.99 $598 at Amazon
Get yourself a great bundle deal on the Sony A6000 with this deal, that'll prepare you for shooting in a range of situations. Sony lenses can often cost quite a bit, but this $400 saving will kit you out for relatively cheap.
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Sony A6000: $698 $448 at Amazon
If for whatever reason you want a Sony A6000 camera without the lenses bundled in the previous deal (which only costs $150 more), you can get a body-only deal down $250 from its previous price.
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Sony A7II: $1505 $898 at Amazon
This deal for a body-only Sony A7II camera wipes $607 off the asking price of a popular Sony camera. That's a 40% saving then, nothing to turn your nose up at for the first full-frame camera to use 5-axis image stabilization to reduce blur from your shaking hands.View Deal

Not in the US? Check out the best Sony Alpha camera prices in your region.

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