Get a $10 credit on Amazon Prime Day with this new promotion


Amazon is giving users a $10 credit to be spent on Amazon Prime Day through a new promotion.

Here's the deal: the Amazon Prime Day 2017 date is Tuesday, July 11. From now until Friday, July 7 at 11:59pm PT, whenever a Prime member streams a Prime video for the first time on their TV using an eligible device, they'll get 10 big ones to spend on Prime Day. 

If you're not currently an Amazon Prime member, you can sign up and then take advantage of the promotion. Here's where you can sign up for a free Amazon Prime trial.

Once you've got Prime membership in hand - or if you're already a member - sign into Amazon Video on your TV. Then, pick a Prime show or movie to watch. 

You can peruse the entire Amazon Prime Video selection here, or keep an eye out for videos with a 'Prime' label on them.

You'll need to stream the video through one of these eligible devices in order to tap into the Prime Day deal: 

Once you've watched the video, it will take 3-4 days for the credit to come through. You'll get an email confirmation you've received the $10 credit, and though you won't see it appear in your account, your receipt will show the credit was applied when you make a purchase on Amazon Prime Day.

If you like the idea of $10 off your Amazon Prime Day purchases, you have until July 7 to get the credit. And be sure to spend it on Prime Day as the $10 disappears after July 11.