The Division now comes bundled with high-end Nvidia GPUs

The Division

Fancy nabbing a free copy of Ubisoft's The Division? Lucky for you, Nvidia is running a deal for those who purchase its higher-end GPUs.

The Division is an open-world tactical shooter with strong RPG elements set in New York after it's been ravaged by a virus.

From February 17 you'll snag a free copy of the game if you buy an Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 graphics card (or better) for your desktop PC.

Alternatively, if you're buying a gaming laptop, you'll get a freebie if you purchase a notebook running a GeForce GTX 970M or better.

Plenty of pixels to push

Nvidia notes that according to Ubisoft's requirements, the recommended graphics card for the game is a GeForce GTX 970 (although if you prefer AMD, it's a Radeon R9 290).

The Division is out on March 8, and currently retails for about £40 (around $60, AU$80) on the PC – so it's quite an impressive freebie. Indeed, in his preview of the title, our own Hugh Langley said: "As an open-world RPG it has me quite impressed, even though I really only had a taste during my four hours with the game."

It also seems like a game with a lot of potential on the multiplayer front, offering both cooperative blasting and an anarchic player-versus-player zone which offers a ranking system and unique loot.

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