Razer's mysterious Project Christine is a crazy modular PC

Razer's mysterious Project Christine is a modular PC
Project Christine - can it become reality?

It wouldn't be CES without Razer showing off its latest concept - and this year is no exception with the company's Project Christine turning out to be a modular PC idea.

With Steam Machines aplenty in Vegas this year, the gaming PC is back to the fore, and Razer's modular effort is aiming to bring the domain of the hardcore enthusiast to the common folk by making build-your-own easier.

Describing Christine as a 'revolutionary new concept design', Razer is hoping that by sticking things in pluggable boxes it can make the whole PC building game that little bit more straightforward.

Project Christine

Project Christine

The modular design allows you purchase upgrades to RAM, graphics, input/output and even power supply and storage, and slot them in, using the PCI-Express backbone; and offers up liquid cooling, noise cancellation and a little readout to tell you what's going on with your computer. It also allows multiple OS use - so bring on the Steam OS / Windows 8.1 hybrid.

Obviously you'd have to buy the sealed units to plug in (no doubt at a premium) so you won't be grabbing bargain RAM in the sales to add a bit more oomph to your machine, but it's a fascinating idea that will intrigue many too scared of dipping their toes in the PC building game.

The setup will allow up to quad-SLI graphics, multiple SSD and Raid storage components although whether you will really plump for a proprietary system remains to be seen.

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