Industry baffled as UK games sales slip 25%

Industry baffled as UK games sales slip 25%
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Game retailers in the UK are struggling to shift stock with sales of the biggest titles down 25 per cent compared to the same time in 2011.

An anonymous analyst speaking to MCV explained that major new game releases are selling "half of what they should be", between 10,000 to 48,000 copies in their first weeks compared to 35,000 to 80,000 copies that comparative titles were selling in early 2011.

The inexplicable lull in sales doesn't seem to be for want of trying, with one games publisher saying, "We are trying to understand it but everything is selling well below what it should. It is an absolute nightmare. I'm not making half the money back I'm spending on marketing."

The problem doesn't seem to be down to stock shortages either – rather it seems consumer apathy and austerity are to blame, coupled with last year's big hitters being available for less money.

Console yourselves

With the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 still at least a year away, the launch of the PS Vita caused waves for gamers this week.

Game was keen to shout about its midnight queuers and Amazon crowed about high levels of pre-orders, but it remains to be seen if the console can keep its sales up beyond the much-hyped launch.

While one analyst this morning predicted healthy sales of the console for 2012, there's no indication yet of whether the PS Vita will inject any life into the troubled game selling game.

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