Nintendo says no new hardware for E3 as Fusion rumours resurface

New Nintendo hardware tipped for E3, but it's probably not the Wii U successor
What's Nintendo fusing, then?

Update: Nintendo has told CVG that there is no plan to reveal new hardware at this year's E3. However we're still crossing our fingers that a Wii U Slim might still make an appearance.

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Despite the fact Nintendo's skipping its press conference at E3 again this year, some new hardware could be on the cards.

IGN cites two sources - a former Nintendo employee and a third-party insider - who claim that the company will "absolutely" show off some sort of new hardware at the show.

Interestingly, IGN isn't the only one. VideoGamer says it's heard the same thing. It says the hardware is linked to the Fusion Terminal and Fusion DS rumour from earlier in the year, and will be a successor to the Wii U.

The same report goes on to claim that games compatible with the new hardware will be playable at the LA event.

Pull yourself together

Nintendo has declined to comment on the matter, so what do we think it could be? A Wii U successor seems highly unlikely that this point, but a revision could be possible – we'd love to see a Wii U with a slimmer gamepad.

A new 3DS could also be on the cards, although Nintendo's 3D handheld has had a couple of iterations already. But with its handheld selling so strong, why not keep the momentum going?

Another possibility (and we're really just spitballing here) is that the Wii U and 3DS both get revised into forms that fit together much better – just as we keep saying Nintendo should have done in the first place.

Whatever the case, Nintendo knows it needs to do something drastic. Company president Iwata recently hinted at some sort of "quality of life" product that could stretch beyond gaming. Doesn't sound very E3-suitable, but it could well form a small part of whatever Nintendo is working on right now.

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