E3 2010 exhibitor list announced

E3 2010 exhibitor list announced, June just got a little bit more interesting...
E3 2010 exhibitor list announced, June just got a little bit more interesting...

The E3 2010 hype machine begins here, with the conference organisers releasing details of this year's exhibitors this week.

All the major gaming publishers and hardware manufacturers are present and correct apart from one glaring omission, with GTA and Bioshock publisher Take-Two not yet on the list.

However, according to Big Download the publisher will be attending. You can see the (nearly) full E3 2010 list of exhibitors online at the event's exhibitor list

Roll on June 2010

Last year's show was a clear return to form for the event, with Microsoft winning the annual war of words with its Project Natal announcement. Not to mention also wheeling out Ringo Starr, to boot!

E3 2010 kicks off at the LA Convention Center on June 15-17. Last year's event was host to 41,000 attendees from 78 countries to see new products and games from 216 exhibitors.

Here's the list as it stands right now:

Activision 4122 West
A.L.S. Industries/R.D.S. Industries 5332 West
Atlus U.S.A, Inc. 4966 West
Atomic-Accessories 5735 West
Autodesk, Inc. 519
Azuradisc Inc. 3151 South
BDA 5312 West
Bethesda Softworks 4100 West
Bigpoint.com 5739 West
Blitz Games Studios 5067 West
BradyGames 4770 West
Capcom Entertainment Inc. 4900 West
City Interactive 517
Creative Mind Interactive Inc. 5640 West
CTA Digital, Inc. 5506 West
DDR Game 523 South
Deuce Entertainment, LLC 4666 West
Digiwinner 5859 West
Disney Interactive Studios 1001 South
dreamGEAR 5300 West
DXT Inc. 5554 West
Dynaflex International 5854 West
Electronic Arts, Inc. 1601 South 406AB
Epic Games 501A
Exspect 4129 West
EZ Games Distribution, Inc. 3051 South
ForceTek 5500 West
Game Outlet Europe 529 South
Game Source Inc. 4666 West
Gamepark Holdings Co., Ltd. 413 South
Gamer Grub 3246 South
GameSpot 4312 West
Gazillion Entertainment 511A
Grace Marketing Company 3147 South
Havok 5067 West
Hollywood Archives Collectibles 5662 West
Hori (U.S.A.), Inc 5660 West
iBeta Quality Assurance 3047 South
IGN.com 4452 West 407
InComm 4022 West 4767 West
Infernal Engine 5167 West
Innex, Inc. 5514 West
Iode, Inc. 5759 West
Iron Will Innovations Inc. 521 South
JFJ Disc Repair 3049 South
K2 Network/GamersFirst 2803 South
Konami 2423 South
LucasArts 404AB
Majesco Entertainment 512
Marjacq Man 4880 West
Mastermedia 3052 South
MTV Games 1047 South
MusicSkins LLC 2947 South
nDreams Ltd. 5166-5170 West
Nintendo of America, Inc. 4922 West 409AB
Nordic Game Resources AB 5636 West
NVIDIA 4866 West
Nyko Technologies 5322 West
OnLive, Inc. 801 South
Paradox Interactive 4774 West
Parature 4766 West
Parrot 5267 West
Pega HK Limited 2847 South
Penguin United 5850 West
Perfect World Entertainment Inc. 5112 West
Performance Designed Products LLC 513
Playseat 5614 West
Prima Games 5066 West
Proximo Games 422 South
Rebellion 4867 West
Royal Electronics Inc. 2946 South
RTI Disc Repair 3146 South
Sakar International 5606 West
Scanavo North America Ltd. 5844 West
Sega of America, Inc. 2023 South
Slang 2647 South
Sony Computer Entertainment America 45222 West 504, 505
Sony DADC 4975 West
Sony Online Entertainment 4600 West
Square Enix, Inc. 1647 South
SureDisc Disc Repair Service 2953 South
Taiwan Pavilion 547 South
The Get-Well Gamers Foundation 5852 West
The Video Game Club 3250 South
THQ 2001 South 303A
Trion World Network 847 South
TRITTON Technologies Inc. 2847 South
Turtle Beach 417 South
U-Way Corporation 5846 West
U.S. Games Distribution 3055 South
Ubifrance 429-423 South
Ubisoft Entertainment 1023 South 306A
Univenture, Inc. 3149 South
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment 2401 South 308B
WCN 5848 West
XBOX 360 1637 South 304C 305
X-Games Inc. 3053 South
Zeroplus Technology Co., Ltd.

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