Fresh Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 leak reveals the smartwatch designs in full

Various Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 models
The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 (Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic could be with us as early as the end of July – and we've now got a fairly good idea of what these two models are going to look like, thanks to some seemingly leaked promotional images.

These come courtesy of the usually reliable WinFuture (via XDA Developers), and they show off the two smartwatches from just about every angle, and in a variety of colors. Samsung Galaxy Watch traditionalists are going to be pleased to see the return of the rotating bezel on the Classic model.

The standard Galaxy Watch 6 is shown off in black, silver, and beige – and according to WinFuture the same colors (plus some others) are going to be offered for other Samsung products unveiled at the Unpacked event at the end of July. Think the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the Galaxy Tab S9, for example.

As for the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, we only get black and silver colors in this particular leak, though more may be available at launch. It's possible that Samsung might offer different colors in different regions, or perhaps keep some colors exclusive for its own online store for people who order direct.

The return of a Classic

According to WinFuture, the dimensions of the Galaxy Watch 6 are staying the same – with 40 mm or 44 mm sizes available – but the OLED screens are slightly bigger. They're also said to be made with scratch-resistant sapphire glass.

As for the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, the sizes are said to be 43 mm and 47 mm because of that rotating bezel. We're also expecting a leather strap option for this more expensive model. Both standard and classic models will be water resistant up to 50 meters.

You may remember the Galaxy Watch 4 had standard and Classic variants, while last year we got the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, neither of which had a rotating bezel for controlling menus and functions. Based on this leak at least, it seems the Classic branding is back for 2023.

All will be revealed in a little over a month: we think that Samsung's next big Unpacked showcase is going to be held in the last week of July. For the Galaxy Watch updates, we're expecting new health tracking features and a faster processor inside.

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