Free gift of Fallout Classic Collection on PC might cheer up disappointed Fallout 76 players

Fallout Classic Collection

Bethesda is giving away a free copy of Fallout Classic Collection on PC to those who bought Fallout 76 earlier this year – or indeed, to those who buy the game before 2018 is out.

The company announced on Twitter that anyone who has logged on to the full release version of Fallout 76 gets the freebie, and this applies not just to PC gamers, but also to Xbox One and PS4 players.

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The free codes for Fallout Classic Collection on the PC will be distributed at some point in January (likely early on according to Bethesda), although if console gamers don’t own a computer, obviously they won’t be able to do much with them.

Gaming goodies

Fallout Classic Collection comprises of the original Fallout game plus Fallout 2, along with Fallout Tactics, so it’s an impressive compilation of veteran titles for those who haven’t experienced them in the past.

If you haven’t bought Fallout 76 and still fancy the sound of the Classic Collection, then bear in mind you can get it discounted in Steam’s Winter Sale right now – the official retail price is £13.99 (around $18, AU$25), but it currently has a 70% price cut down to £4.19 (around $5.30, AU$7.50). Grab it here.

As you’re probably aware, Fallout 76 wasn’t well-received by many, and we were disappointed in our review, where we observed that this latest outing in the franchise was “an empty shell of a Fallout game, lacking the personality and story which drives the series.”

Fallout 76 also suffered from further controversy regarding its refund policy, and the PC version of the game was criticized for being overly easy to hack, too (an accusation Bethesda denied).

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