Dell XPS 13 deals feature price cuts of up to 25% in the US and UK this week

Dell XPS 13 deals cheap sale price US UK
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Readers in the US and UK hunting for a new premium ultrabook will be well served by this week's Dell XPS 13 deals at the official store in both territories, which currently feature some pretty tasty price cuts of up to $350 / £300.

In the US in particular, the latest Presidents' Day sale has seen Intel Core i7 equipped Dell XPS 13's drop down to just $849.99 right now. That's a total saving of $300 for a machine that's both fast and has a 512GB SSD. If you wanted a little more multitasking capabilities, you can also upgrade to 16GB of RAM for $899.99 - another excellent XPS 13 deal. Alternatively, you can get the very latest model for just $999 currently, which not only rocks that gorgeous near bezel-less display but also an 11th gen Intel Core i7 under the hood.

In the UK, cheap XPS 13 deals are more limited this week, but, those looking for a great price on the very latest model will be pleased to see this £299 saving on a 2021 model for £1,069. Ok, so this is one pricey investment, but trust us - it's a worthwhile one if you're looking for a stunning laptop that packs in plenty of power. With an 11th gen Intel Core i5, 512GB SSD, and a gorgeous design that's unique to the latest model, this one's going to last you a few good years until you need to upgrade.

We've just glossed over a few Dell XPS 13 selections but there's a couple of extra options we've included just down below for your consideration. If you're outside the US and UK, you can also find a selection of today's best prices at the very bottom of the page.

Today's best Dell XPS 13 deals in the US

Dell XPS 13 laptop: $1,149.99$849.99 at Dell
Save $300 -

Dell XPS 13 laptop: $1,149.99 $849.99 at Dell
Save $300 -
The cheapest Dell XPS 13 deal currently available on the official Dell store, you would be mistaken into thinking this sale is for a baseline version. With a 10th gen Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD, that's definitely not the case, however - you're definitely getting a lot of machine for your money here.

Dell XPS 13 laptop: $1,249.99$899.99 at Dell
Save $350 -

Dell XPS 13 laptop: $1,249.99 $899.99 at Dell
Save $350 -
Upping your price to the next tier will get you those same specs but with an upgraded 16GB of RAM. There's no doubt that's a sensible upgrade for most people - especially if you're thinking about having a ton of browser tabs open at once for example. If you can afford that little upcharge, this one's a worthwhile investment.

New Dell XPS 13 laptop: $1,099.99$999.99 at Dell
Save $100 -

New Dell XPS 13 laptop: $1,099.99 $999.99 at Dell
Save $100 -
We're upping the price again here for the latest Dell XPS 13 on the market, but you're of course getting your hands on that stunning near bezel-less display with this model. Aside from the gorgeous design, an 11th gen Intel Core i7, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD makes this one capable of smooth sailing across all your favorite applications. 

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Today's best Dell XPS 13 deals in the UK

New Dell XPS 13 laptop: £1,369£1,069.01 at Dell
Save £299 -

New Dell XPS 13 laptop: £1,369 £1,069.01 at Dell
Save £299 -
Dell UK shoppers don't quite have the same level of options for cheap XPS 13 deals this week, but there's still a nifty little saving up for grabs on this stunning 2021 XPS 13. With an 11th gen Intel Core i5, 8GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD, this one's not just a looker - it's also got some blazingly fast new components under the hood too.

New Dell XPS 13 laptop: £1,618.99£1,319 at Dell
Save £299 -

New Dell XPS 13 laptop: £1,618.99 £1,319 at Dell
Save £299 -
Alternatively, those looking for a ton of power could opt for a similar saving on this 11th gen Intel Core i7 equipped XPS 13. Alongside that very fast CPU, you're also getting 16GB of RAM alongside a 512GB SSD. For intensive applications like music production and Photoshop, this one going to serve you exceptionally well.

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