Windows 7 available to students for just £30

Windows 7 just £30 for students
Windows 7 just £30 for studentsjust

If you are in the UK and about to go to university, you are in luck as Microsoft is offering a cut-price deal on Windows 7 for students.

Essentially this means you will be able to get the software for an extremely low price of £30.

Student discount

The offer is on until 3 January 2010. After this you will have to pay the normal price for Windows 7.

To be eligible for the offer, all you need to do is log on to, enter your a valid .EDU email address (an email address given by the college or university, eg and away you go.

£30 is a bit of a bargain for an OS which is compatible with touch screen technology. Other features of Windows 7 include remote media streaming, improved gaming experience, enhanced security and integration of Windows Media Centre for more central and convenient management of music, movies and photos.

To find out more about the software, point your browser to Windows 7 official release date is 22 October.


Microsoft has informed us that the student deal is live right now.

In a statement the company has said: "The offer gives students the chance to purchase either Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade OR Windows 7 Professional Upgrade from a special website ( with both versions available for the discounted price of £30 each.

"For those students requiring the full packaged product (FPP) they can opt to receive a boxed version, by post, for an additional cost of £9."

It almost makes you want to return to student life again. Almost.

Marc Chacksfield

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