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Christmas shoppers, today's Kindle prices are unlikely to be beaten this year

cheap kindle deals
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We're into the final stretch of the Cyber Monday deals today and these red hot Kindle deals are some of the best offers of the day. 

There are lots of different Kindle offers to choose from today with something for everyone. Even with a few late Christmas shopping sales to come between now and the end of the year, we think these will be the best prices you'll see for the rest of 2019. Amazon saves the biggest discounts on its line of devices for big events like Prime Day, Black Friday and of course, Cyber Monday, so this really is the best time to get the lowest price.

If you want to know a little bit about the differences between the three Kindles so you can truly appreciate their deals, check out our roundup of the best Kindle deals where we go into greater detail on every device in the lineup.

In the US, there's a neat bonus for all of these deals as you'll get $5 of free credit for the Kindle store when you activate your device.

US Cyber Monday Kindle deals

Kindle (2019): $89.99 $59.99 at Amazon
The cheapest Kindle is now almost as good as the Paperwhite and it's a lot cheaper. And it's a further $30 less today. The addition of a lit screen to the cheapest Kindle ereader makes this a serious contender vs the more expensive (but waterproof) Paperwhite.
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Kindle Paperwhite: $129.99 $84.99 at Amazon
The Paperwhite's waterproof body, brighter screen and crisp resolution make it one of our favorite ereaders, especially given its reasonable price. So the $45 discount today makes it one of the best Cyber Monday deals around. A waterproof Kindle is ideal for reading poolside, in the bath or for protection against those sneaky drinks that leak in your bag.
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Kindle Oasis (2017): $279.99 $149.99 at Amazon
The last-gen Oasis has never been cheaper than this. This is the brightest and clearest screen in Amazon's ereader lineup. The newer version comes with a warm light option (less blue light and easier on the eyes), but that's the only difference really as the gorgeous physical lightweight design hasn't been changed. So $149.99 here instead of $269.99 for the 2019 model makes this stunning value for Amazon's best Kindle.
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Kindle Kids Edition: $109.99 $79.99 at Amazon
This is a standard Kindle with built-in safety features for children (which can be deactivated when you feel they can access the online features or browse the Kindle store further down the line). It also comes with a cover and access to learning features and a range of free ebooks - which goes someways to explaining why it costs more than the regular Kindle.View Deal

UK Cyber Monday Kindle deals

Amazon Kindle (2019): £69.99 £54.99 at Amazon                          
For years, we've generally been saying skip the cheapest Kindle and get a Paperwhite. But Amazon has finally added a light to the screen on its cheapest Kindle too making it an absolute steal, even at full price. We'll happily take this discount though.View Deal

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: £119.99 £84.99 at Amazon
The Paperwhite has a brighter screen, with a higher resolution than the cheaper model (which still looks great to be honest). The Paperwhite still generally gets our vote though thanks to the flush screen design and waterproof body. That's great for reading poolside, in the bath and protecting against spillages at home or in your day bag.
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Amazon Kindle Oasis (2019): £229.99 £179.99 at Amazon
With its brilliant screen and svelte design, the Kindle Oasis is a premium device for serious readers. The Oasis is seriously expensive for an ereader usually, but it's also seriously lovely. The new adjustable 'warm' light feature is very easy on the eyes with reduced blue light and is the only real difference between the 2019 and now-discontinued 2017 model. If you've had an older Kindle for a while and are looking for a luxury upgrade, this is the one for you.View Deal

Amazon Kindle Kids Edition: £99.99 £59.99 at Amazon
The Kindle Kids Edition is essentially a standard Kindle with a colourful kid-friendly cover and bundled access to numerous kid-friendly books and child-safety features - so there's everything a young reader needs. Adults can unlock online/store features with the pin code if you want to update it when the kids are a bit older. Or maybe opt for the standard Kindle as it is as it's cheaper (but doesn't come with a cover).
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Fancy getting a load of free ebooks to get you going with your new Kindle? Then check out this offer for three months free of Kindle Unlimited.