Cheap Garmin deal: get $100 off the super-tough Garmin Instinct

Garmin Instinct
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The Garmin Instinct Solar is just $194.94 at Amazon right now – a saving of over $100 off the regular asking price. We rarely see the Instinct drop below $200, so this is a great opportunity to grab one of the best running watches around.

This deal applies to the light gray Tundra colorway. The other designs are discounted too, but not as steeply.

If you're not in the US, scroll down for the best Garmin Instinct deals near you.

Garmin Instinct Solar: $299.99 $194.95 at Amazon
Cheap Garmin

Garmin Instinct Solar: $299.99 $194.95 at Amazon
This rugged multi-sports watch has outstanding battery life, an impressive raft of activity tracking tools, and a rugged design that'll withstand all the knocks and bumps of hiking, trail running, climbing and kayaking. There's over $100 off at Amazon right now, so move fast to grab it while you can.

The Instinct is one of the best Garmin watches around, with on-board GPS, a wide range of activity tracking modes, all-day stress monitoring, and a cleverly designed dual-screen interface that makes finding and tweaking its many options a piece of cake, even on the move.

When we reviewed the Solar edition, we were also impressed by its accurate heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking metrics, and tough build. This standard Garmin Instinct doesn't have the Power Glass that helps keep the Instinct Solar's battery topped up, but its screen is made from tougher Gorilla Glass that's more resistant to scratches.

If you're outside the US, we've rounded up the best Garmin Instinct deals for you, right here.

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