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BT offer cash to new broadband customers

BT is offering a prize of £1,000 to attract new broadband customers

British Telecom (BT) is offering new broadband customers the chance to win £1,000 if they subscribe before 15 January.

There will be a daily draw and the BT site claims that "no purchase is necessary". Just how you can enter without buying anything, however, isn't clear, when the site also says winners will have their cheques sent to the address they use to sign up to BT Broadband.

While the thought of an extra £1,000 may prove tempting to some, BT's broadband packages are by no means the cheapest, or fastest, available.

A quick search online reveals a number of providers offering cheaper or faster rates. Be There , for example, offers a 24Mbit/s connection for £14 per month.