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Best smartwatch 2019: The top smartwatches available in India

Not so long ago, smartwatches were little more than just an item of luxury that you probably did not need but wanted nonetheless. But a few generations later, now, they offer a lot more features, are more complete fitness trackers and last for, ma more than day, making them a lot easier to recommend.

In 2019, we have some really dependable smartwatches that keep our hopes alive in the wearable tech world.

While smartwatches haven't seen the pace of revolution that smartphones have, we have still seen improvements ranging from design, battery, software and features. These wearables now make a lot more sense if we compare them with two year old watches.

Smartwatches nowadays have neat little tricks up their sleeves. Want to talk to your smartwatch to search for something? Can do! Want to monitor your activities, ranging from walking, running, swimming or just.. sitting? Can do! You can even set up SOS feature on some watches, and if they detect an accident or a fall, they will inform your contacts.

Let's take a look at the best smartwatches you can buy in India right now.

1. Apple Watch Series 5

The best Apple Watch money can buy

OS: watchOS 6 | Compatibility: iOS | Display: 1.78" OLED | Processor: Apple S4 | Band sizes: Varies based on watch size | Onboard storage: 16GB | Battery: 1 to 2 days | Charging method: Wireless | IP rating: Water-resistant to 50m | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, LTE

Larger screen
always-on display
Slick design
Lots of fitness features
Battery isn't the best

Trust Apple to absolutely nail it when it comes to unique pieces of technology. Although there are smartwatches dime a dozen, there is hardly anything better than the Apple Watch in the market right now, all things considered.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is our favorite smartwatch you can buy right now. The design remains unchanged for the most part, but adds an always-on display which was notably missing on the older versions of Wear OS.

You now get a bigger display with the choice of 40mm or 44mm dial sizes, as well as all the rest of the tech we've come to expect from the Apple Watch. The speaker is now louder, the build is still lightweight while feeling just as premium, and you can use your old straps with this new watch.

While all the above things are good, the most exciting tech is the fact there's an ECG feature within the heart rate tracker. It can test your heart to see if you're at a high risk of atrial fibrillation, which will allow you to seek help earlier if your health is in danger.

Since its launch, Apple has expanded the availability of the ECG feature to more markets outside of the US, including India. While it may not be used as often as other regular features, it could still save lives - as it has already done a couple of times.

There are still tons of fitness features and the latest watchOS 6 apps onboard so you'll likely love this smartwatch. The Apple Watch 5 is our favorite watch you can use with an iPhone (this won't work with Android devices), but it's just been pipped to the title of best overall smartwatch.

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2. Samsung Galaxy Watch

The sporty Samsung watch gains some style

OS: Tizen OS | Compatibility: Android, iOS | Display: 1.2" or 1.3" 360 x 360 Super AMOLED | Processor: Dual-core 1.15GHz | Band sizes: 22mm or 20mm | Onboard storage: 4GB | Battery duration: 4 days on 46mm / less on 42mm | Charging method: Wireless | IP rating: 50m | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Good battery life
Rotating bezel is more practical
Annoying charger
Bixby still lacks

Coming in a close second from Samsung, it's the Galaxy Watch. Following on from the Gear S3 series and the Gear Sport in 2017, the Galaxy Watch is much improved.

We've tested out the larger 46mm version of the watch and were impressed with its battery life - in our testing, it lasted four days despite being used extensively. That's impressive considering a lot of other watches on this list last a day or so from a single charge.

The rotating bezel remains a highlight of navigating around the Tizen OS on the watch, and the interface is one of the easiest to pick up that we've seen on a smartwatch.

Apps available on the watch are more limited than Wear OS or watchOS 4 - two rival smartwatch operating systems - but it still offers a satisfying experience. It offers a great smartwatch experience, has plenty of fitness features and the design is good - there's not much more you can ask from a smartwatch.

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(Image credit: TechRadar)

3. Fossil Sport

Fossil's latest big smartwatch attempt

Compatibility: Android, iOS | Display: 1.2-inch 390 x 390 AMOLED | Processor: Quad-core 1.2GHz | Band sizes: 22mm straps | Onboard storage: 4GB | Battery duration: Two days | Charging method: Proprietary | IP rating: IP68 | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS

Lightweight design
Powerful watch
Lacks high-end features
GPS can be slow

Fossil has developed a lot of expertise in the wearable tech space over the last few years, and this has all culminated in the best smartwatch the company has made so far.

The Fossil Sport offers top-end experience at a lower price tag than the two devices above in this list. It features GPS, a lightweight - yet premium - design and at least two days of battery life from a single charge. While it does miss out on some niche, yet great features like ECG, its price really doesn't leave us anything to complain about.

Fossil has packed a Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset inside, which is the latest update from Qualcomm that offers a smoother experience than you'll get on a lot of older Wear OS watches.

It doesn't sport any truly unique features, but the overall package of the Fossil Sport may be the best watch for you. If you want a good-looking, feature-packed smartwatch that runs on Wear OS, the Fossil Sport is a great option, all things considered.

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4. TicWatch Pro

Our favorite Wear OS watch comes with two screens

OS: Wear OS | Compatibility: Android 4.3+, iOS 8+ | Display: 1.4" 400 x 400 OLED paired with LCD screen | Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 | Onboard storage: 4GB | Battery duration: Up to 48h, 5 extra days in Essential mode | Charging method: Magnetic connecting pin | IP rating: IP68 | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, NFC

Innovative screen tech
Premium design
Limited app
No LTE features

Our favorite Wear OS watch is the Ticwatch Pro. You may not have heard of Ticwatch before, but the latest from the company it a top-end watch with a unique dual-screen feature.

There are two displays on this watch - one layered on top of the other. On the top is a transparent LCD display that can display the time, your heart rate and more when the battery is low.

Below that is a bright and bold full color OLED screen that will give you all of the benefits of Wear OS. That means you can have a normal smartwatch, which we found would last around two days, and then have the time and some other features still available when your battery is running low.

The second display really shines when you are running on low battery. In our testing, we found that the TicWatch Pro lasted for just under a week when in low power mode. The second transparent LCD display may not have been needed, but it works just fine.

In terms of smartwatch features there's GPS, NFC for Google Pay, Bluetooth for listening to music and the slightly old Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset in here running the watch as well.

The Ticwatch Pro costs Rs 22,999 in India, which makes it a noteworthy option if you don't mind the slightly old chipset that powers it.

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5. Apple Watch Series 3

World's best smartwatch for a reason

OS: watchOS 5 | Compatibility: iOS | Display: 1.53" OLED | Processor: S2 dual-core | Band sizes: Varies drastically per watch size | Onboard storage: 8GB / 16GB (Non-LTE and LTE respectively) | Battery: 18 hours | Charging method: Wireless | IP rating: IPX7 | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC

Accurate fitness tracking
Best interface
Battery is too short for sleep tracking
Similar design

The Apple Watch 3 (or Apple Watch Series 3, if you're picky) was the best smartwatch but has recently been bumped off the top spot and down a few places since the launch of the Apple Watch 5. 

The Apple Watch 3 is essentially just the Apple Watch 2 frame with some new innards... but they make a big difference. Plus the price has recently dropped, making this a much more attractive proposition now.

It's still water-resistant so you can swim with it and you won't have to worry about getting it wet in the rain when you're out for a jog. There's GPS onboard to make running that little bit easier plus it you can now upgrade to watchOS 5 too.

The Apple Watch 3 can be a little difficult to justify, especially now that the Watch 4 is here. However, if you still want an Apple Watch and don't want to spend a lot, the Watch 3 is good option. 

Factoring in the new price drops, this one's a steal with all the features and battery life it has.

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6. Ticwatch E

Fully-loaded Wear OS watch at budget prices

Compatibility: Android 4.3+, iOS 8+ | Display: 1.4" 400 x 400 OLED | Processor: MediaTek MT2601 | Onboard storage: 4GB | Battery duration: Up to 24h | Charging method: Magnetic connecting pin | IP rating: IP67 | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1

Accurate GPS and heart rate sensor
Fantastic value
Design won't suit everyone
Not-so-elegant charging method

Ticwatch is still a relatively new brand, but the company has a few noteworthy smartwatches out in the market. The Ticwatch, in particular, is an excellent option if you're looking to dip your feet in the world of smartwatches.

That's mostly because of the it is priced reasonably and the fact everything works really well. We also love the Ticwatch E for its built-in GPS, accurate heart rate sensor and great design.

All of the basic fitness features are available; you can even use it without having to take your phone out while you exercise, but you won't be able to receive phone calls like on the Apple Watch 3.

If the Ticwatch Pro is out of your budget and you want a Wear OS smartwatch, the Ticwatch E is a great option. The design is premium, but it won't be for everyone so be sure to check out our review to see if it works out for you.

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7. Fitbit Versa

A smaller and cheaper Fitbit Ionic

OS: Fitbit OS | Compatibility: Android, iOS | Display: TBC, 1000 nits | Processor: Dual-core 1.0GHz | Onboard storage: 2.5GB | Battery duration: 3-4 days | Charging method: Proprietary charger | IP rating: 50M water resistant | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Lightweight design
Relatively low price
Feels a little cheap and childish

Fitbit has released Versa that is a touch smaller than the other one (that's the Ionic) but it comes with Fitbit Pay for contactless payments, 2.5GB of storage for music and battery life that'll last around three days.

It doesn't have GPS for tracking your runs and the design doesn't feel as premium as some of the other watches on this list, but we really like the Fitbit Versa and it's one of the more affordable choices on this list.

Still, if the Versa doesn't work out for you, make sure you check out other options in this list - some of them even cost less than the Versa.

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8. Ticwatch S

Another sophisticated smartwatch with a budget price tag

Compatibility: Android 4.3+, iOS 8+ | Display: 1.4" 400 x 400 OLED | Processor: MediaTek MT2601 | Onboard storage: 4GB | Battery duration: Up to 24h | Charging method: Magnetic connecting pin | IP rating: IP67 | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1

Comfortable with a nice design
Lacks NFC
Can't change the strap

If you don't like the Ticwatch E and aren't sure about the Ticwatch Pro either, the Ticwatch S is worth considering.

When compared to the Ticwatch E, the differences are limited, but the Ticwatch S is a bit heavier and a little larger thanks to the thicker bezel around the sides to show you the exact time.

There's also a different strap on this version that comes with the GPS sensor inside. The makers of the Ticwatch claim this is more accurate than when it's inside the watch casing, but we didn't see any major differences. 

One downside of this is that you cannot swap out the straps.

The Ticwatch S's price doesn't do it any favours, either, especially keeping the price of the Ticwatch Pro's price in mind. Still, if the Ticwatch Pro's design isn't to your liking, the S might be worth a look.

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(Image credit: Future)

9. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

The fitness brand makes its first big smartwatch play

OS: Tizen OS | Compatibility: Android, iOS | Display: 360 x 360, OLED | Processor: Exynos 9110 | Band sizes: 20mm | Onboard storage: 4GB | Battery duration: 2-3 days | Charging method: Wireless | IP rating: IP68 | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Bright display
Tons of fitness options
Above-average battery life
Small and light weight
Design and size not for everyone
Limited third-party apps

Let's end this list with a budget-friendly, easy-to-recommend smartwatch for all. Launched earlier this year, the Galaxy Watch Active (first gen) is the first wearable from Samsung that is a smartwatch at its heart but functions as a fitness tracker.

The result is a minimal smartwatch that can do all of your basic tasks, run for a few days and match full-fledged fitness trackers in terms of features and funtionality.

It's also significantly cheaper than Wear OS alternatives and yet manages to provide a more consistent user experience.

However, the Watch Active isn't for everyone. At 40mm, the casing can look comically small if you have beefy wrists, and at 25g, it's one of the lightest ones on this list. It lacks the rotating/capacitive crown that other Samsung smartwatches offer, but for the price that's forgivable.

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