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Battlegrounds Mobile India
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PUBG Mobile is officially coming back to India, in the form of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Krafton, the South Korean game developer, made the announcement today (May 6), after being banned in the country last year.

PUBG Mobile was among 119 apps that came under the scanner because of incorrect management of user data, leading it to be purged from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. As a response, the game studio said that it will create a new game in the form of ‘PUBG Mobile India’ which will address those privacy concerns and further localise the game to better suit the country’s values.

While that didn’t really happen, Krafton brought an entirely new entity called Battlegrounds Mobile to India. It will launch in the coming days, and should soon be available for pre-registering and downloads on Android and iOS. It remains to be seen if it brings all the other changes that were promised, and how different it will be from the original version of the beloved smartphone game.

Latest development

Sanhok gets confir...

The latest teaser from the company is based in the Ban Tai location of Sanhok, which was the forest map in PUBG. 

Pre-registrations ...

Battlegrounds Mobile India has now been listed on the Google Play Store. Those who pre-register now will get exclusive rewards too!

Fan-favourite maps...

The Google Play Store listing reveals that the maps of Erangel and Karakin will also be available.

Expect a mid-June ...

New reports state that Battlegrounds Mobile will release on June 18 or the days around it.

But there's a new ...

A state MLA is seeking to get the upcoming game banned owing to its ties with Chinese companies.

iOS users to get s...

While the game seems to be limited to Android for now, Krafton has hinted that an iOS version is in the works too.

Looks like mid-Jun...

A popular PUBG Mobile streamer also says that Battlegrounds will be here in the third week of June.

Expect a shake-up ...

A spotting reveals that the map of Erangel will actually be called "Erangle". Guess why.

Krafton announces ...

Battlegrounds Mobile has already crossed 20 million pre-registrations on the Google Play Store.

The beta version i...

Early access for Battlegrounds Mobile India is now available on the Google Play Store for Android users.

Want to know more?...

Now that the game is available, we spent a lot of time testing to figure out how different it is from PUBG Mobile. Check out our Battlegrounds Mobile India review.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? PUBG Mobile for India 
  • When is it out? June 17, 2021 
  • How much will it cost? Free, with in-app purchases 

Battlegrounds Mobile India release date

The game was announced for India on May 6, after weeks of teasers and leaks. However, Krafton is yet to reveal the Battlegrounds Mobile India launch date. As per new reports, the game will be available on June 18.

Update (May 18): The game is a step closer to launch as Krafton has opened up sign-ups for Android. Visit the link below to be amongst the first to download.

Pre-register for Battlegrounds Mobile India on Play Store

How to download Battlegrounds Mobile

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Before the mass-market rollout, the game will be available in a beta format for a short period. Only players in India will be able to sign up for the pre-registration — which is expected to open up in the coming weeks. We will update this piece with the Battlegrounds Mobile download links for Android and iOS as soon as they go live in India.

The official download or Battlegrounds Mobile APK have not been made available yet, so be wary of any links of packages that claim to be the game — they are probably fake. Ensure that you download the game from the respective app store or the website only.

Battlegrounds Mobile vs PUBG Mobile: what’s different

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Krafton has confirmed that the new game will be compliant with the Indian laws and regulations, and will ensure data protection and security for all users. The Battlegrounds Mobile India website also clearly states what personal information it will collect and store. 

As a part of its efforts towards well-being, users under the age of 18 will not be allowed to play the game for more than three hours a day. Further, in-app purchases will have a maximum daily limit of Rs 7,000. Underaged players will also be asked to provide the mobile number of their parent/guardian for verification.

PUBG Mobile India was also said to be more appropriate for younger gamers, where all players will spawn with clothes on instead of just their undergarments. Violence would also be toned down by reducing blood and red splatter in the game. We expect these to carry forward to Battlegrounds Mobile as well.

Krafton will be partnering with local entities to build an eSports ecosystem in India via a series of in-game events. There’s likely to be localization in the form of clothing and attires too.

Update (May 11): Sanhok, PUBG Mobile's tiny forest map, will be one of the maps to be available in Battlegrounds Mobile. Information on the other locations is still pending.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: what we want to see

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Same maps

One of the most enjoyable aspects of PUBG Mobile was the choice of maps and game modes, which had something for everyone. We would like to see the same maps or similar versions be available on the Indian counterpart.

Support for region...

While it might be too much to expect voice commands and in-game chat to be in regional languages, it would be nice to have Battlegrounds Mobile in local languages, at least in the menus and lobby.

Progress continuat...

In its heyday, PUBG had over 50 million users in India. The players returning to Battlegrounds Mobile would hope that their saved game data, progress, unlocked rewards and outfits are carried forward.

Compatibility with...

India is predominantly a budget smartphone market, which means that the majority of users are unlikely to have a powerful mobile to play the game on. It would be nice for Battlegrounds Mobile to offers a ‘Lite mode’ of sorts to be inclusive of these players.


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