Apple sends March 25 event invite, likely to unveil its video streaming service

Image credit: TechRadar

Apple is ready to yell 'action' to launch its long-awaited video streaming service – a bid to take on Netflix – judging from suggestively-titled invites for its next major launch event that went out today.

The Apple keynote will takes place on March 25 with the not-so-subtle title 'It's show time,' according to Engadget and other members of the media. 

It appears as if Apple is boldly bringing Hollywood to its Silicon Valley headquarters, with the event scheduled to occur at its own Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino.

Can Apple lure Hollywood titans like Netflix has? Well, there's a lot of money behind its original video content plan, with budgets exceeding $1 billion to secure big names. Of course, Netflix spent 8 times that much money in 2018, and that's before Disney decided to join the fray.

The subscription price of its video streaming service is the biggest mystery, but some reports do claim it'll be cheaper than Netflix, and it's expected to before Disney+ in late 2019. With so many Apple TV and iPhones out there, Apple may have an opening.

Apple March 25 event: what to expect

Apple is poised to introduce new media formats to its growing services ecosystem. 

First, you can expect an 'Apple News Magazines' service derived from the company's acquisition of Texture. That service, previously dubbed 'the Netflix of magazines,' had bundled together magazines for one low monthly price.

Second, Apple's unnamed video streaming service should bring famous faces to the launch event. We've previously reported on deals with Oprah, Jennifer Anniston, Reese Witherspoon, J.J. Abrams, and Steven Spielberg, among others.

Like Netflix Originals, Apple could offer TV & movies content programming through its (sometimes barren) TV app. 

Will there be more? We're currently up to the fifth iOS 12.2 developer beta today, and that means its nearing release. Apple's brand new magazine and video content initiatives could make their debut in the final iOS 12.2 update.

There's also a a very outside chance we'll see Apple AirPods 2 and a game streaming service. But there's been a lack of concrete rumors for both, so they may appear at a separate event in the future. 

Matt Swider