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Apple MacBooks and Huawei MateBooks are price-slashed on Amazon today

MacBook Deals

If you’ve been holding out for a 12-inch Apple MacBook but refuse to pay full price for it, today is your lucky day. We’ve found that Amazon is selling 2016 (not refurbished) MacBooks for as much as 23% off as a Deal of the Day.

Score an unopened 2016 Apple MacBook for just $999 on Amazon
Regularly $1,299 if you were to buy the 2018 version, this 2016 MacBook comes with a whopping 512GB worth of SSD storage and 8GB of memory – all with a Woot 1-year warranty in case that keyboard runs into problems.View Deal

According to Amazon, these MacBook models – of which there are two others on sale – “were originally intended as warranty replacements, and held by Apple to support their customers.” 

Woot somehow got a hold of them and now they’re available at a $300 discount. These laptops come with a 1-year Woot warranty, which should cover our only complaint with the older MacBooks: the shallow keyboard that has been reported to lose keys – though it was a rare occurrence.

Huawei MateBook X Deals

Huawei isn’t taking this sitting down

Not to be outdone by its arch rival, Huawei has placed its latest MateBook laptops on sale, namely the 12-inch Huawei MateBook X. It’s a good thing, then, that we really enjoyed this laptop in our full review.

Nab the Huawei MateBook X for just $785 on Amazon
This direct retort to Apple’s MacBook runs Windows 10 with a 256GB SSD and 8GB of memory powered by an Intel 7th-gen Core i7 processor behind a gorgeous 2K display for $341 off the list price.View Deal

This Windows alternative to the MacBook deal above is going for about the same time. With this awfully similar laptop, you’re getting half as much storage space but a more powerful processor for $214 less – a pretty good trade off if we do say so ourselves