Amazon Prime now available in India for Rs. 129 per month

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E-commerce portal Amazon has silently added monthly subscription for its premium Prime service, allowing customers to purchase Prime subscription on a monthly basis for Rs. 129. Apart from the monthly subscription, users can also choose the annual subscription by paying Rs. 999 per year.

Monthly subscription for 12 months will cost a user Rs. 1,548, which is Rs 549 more than the present annual fee of Rs. 999. While the fee for annual subscription has been Rs. 999 since the beginning, Amazon had discounted it to Rs. 499 during the first year.

Since the launch of Amazon Prime in India, the company has announced Prime Videos and Prime Music, apart from the usual one-day deliveries and discounted same day delivery on certain products. Amazon recently introduced No Delivery for Prime users, allowing them to get a cashback of Rs. 15.

Currently, the monthly subscription is visible to selected people only and cannot be viewed by users who have already subscribed to Prime. Presently, the monthly subscription is available to users with credit cards and selected debit cards only and the monthly subscription has an auto-renew option. Amazon has also mentioned that it will inform users three days before the subscription is auto renewed.

Amazon had launched Prime subscription in India in July 2016 at a discounted price of Rs. 499 per year which was later doubled to Rs. 999 per year in October last year. Last year, Amazon had announced its Prime days sale in India and this sale is expected to come back worldwide on July 16 this year.