Amazon Kindle Unlimited free trials: all the offers available now

Amazon Kindle Unlimited free trial offers
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There are plenty of Amazon Kindle Unlimited free trials running pretty much all year round, but with Prime Day right around the corner, there's bound to be more interest than ever in checking out the extensive Kindle Unlimited library for free on a new Amazon Kindle device.

This is even more true considering that Kindle Unlimited isn't a part of Amazon Prime, and so many Amazon Kindle users will want to try the subscription service out before they commit to it not knowing whether they'll use it enough to justify the price.

Fortunately, Amazon lets you try the service for free before committing to it, but the length of the trial periods can vary depending on where you are and what promotions Amazon is currently running. While a 30-day free trial period is the standard, they have sometimes run as long as three whole months, especially during special events like Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday.

Amazon Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service for ebooks on the Amazon Kindle e-reader that provides access to a specially currated library of titles and Audible narrations on a "borrow" basis, kind of like a brick-and-mortar library. This service allows you to store up to ten books at a time on your account before you have to return one to access another book.

There are over a million books and magazine subscriptions available through the service, along with thousands of Audible audio book versions. The library regularly updates with new titles, so even if you somehow managed to read every book in the existing library, there is always more to discover.

To help you get started, we pulled together all the Kindle Unlimited free trials that you can start right now so you can start reading your favorite books quicker than ever.

Kindle Unlimited free trials available now


Kindle Unlimited 30 day free trial (3 months in UK) | US | UK | AUS
The Kindle Unlimited free trial currently stands at 30 days in the US and Australia. However, UK shoppers can pick up three months of the service for absolutely nothing. Wherever you are, then, you've got plenty of time to test out the ebook subscription service, but be warned that this will auto-renew at the standard price once the month is up.

More Kindle Unlimited offers


(US) Kindle e-reader | Three months Kindle Unlimited | From $89.99 at Amazon
Pick up a Kindle at Amazon and you'll also bag yourself a three month Kindle Unlimited free trial at the same time. That's a saving of up to $29.97 and plenty of free ebooks and magazines to keep you occupied. This offer is open to all, even if you've used a free trial before, and if you currently have a membership your fees will be suspended for the three months of the deal.


(UK) Kindle e-reader | Three months Kindle Unlimited | From £69.99 at Amazon
Amazon is currently also offering three months of Kindle Unlimited for free with the purchase of a Kindle device. The cheapest way to grab this deal is with the standard Kindle, but you can also find this offer on the £119 Kindle Paperwhite. This offer is open to new subscribers, but if your last Kindle Unlimited trial was over 12 months ago you can still take advantage.


(AUS) Kindle ereader | Three months Kindle Unlimited | From $139 at Amazon
This offer is also available for Australian readers, however, only new Kindle Unlimited subscribers can take advantage.

Will Kindle Unlimited free trials be available over Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner, and we're already seeing Kindle Unlimited offers available. There's a three month free trial available in the UK, and US bookworms can pick up some tasty discounts on ebooks as well right now. That means you're shopping for Kindle Unlimited free trials at just the right time - so move fast before these offers expire. 

How much does Kindle Unlimited cost?

The Kindle Unlimited price is set at $9.99 / £7.99 / AU$ 13.99 a month, which covers you for as much reading as you can manage. Though you're limited to ten downloads on your device, it's easy to swap out books for new ones so you're never paying for titles you don't want. That price also includes access to a number of magazine subscriptions and even Audible audiobooks on thousands of titles. 

Is Kindle Unlimited free for Prime members?

Amazon Kindle Unlimited is not included with your Prime membership, and Prime members do not receive a discount on a Kindle Unlimited subscription at the moment. Prime Reading, however, is a similar service that is covered by a Prime membership and provides a more limited access to the Kindle library in much the same way as Kindle Unlimited.

What's included in Kindle Unlimited?

The Kindle Unlimited library is a selection of over a million books picked out from the main Kindle store. That means you don't have full access to any book for free, but there are so many genres and authors on offer here there's sure to be something for every mood on offer. Plus, Kindle Unlimited also includes Audible narrations on certain titles, and free digital magazine subscriptions as well. 

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