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Amazon Fire HD 10, Amazon's big tablet, is today's best Black Friday deal at $99

New Amazon Fire HD 10 deals have arrived a few days earlier than Black Friday, and that means you can save 33% on the best big tablet from Amazon.

It's just $99 today for the Amazon Fire HD 10, which is great news because it just came out this year and originally cost $150 at launch. Saving $50 in this early Black Friday deal is a great start to the official holiday shopping season opener.

This makes the best Amazon tablet more than three times cheaper than the cheap iPad that came out this out this year, so you could buy this over and over again and still save money.

It ends up being a good gift, especially for any families that have Amazon Prime for watching movies and television shows as part of their subscription.

Amazon Fire HD 10 is already $50 off
The best big Amazon tablet is now $50 off, and it's bigger than Apple's iPad. Yet the price is more than one third of what you'd pay for a new iPad. That's why we're posting this one at the top.View Deal